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January 05, 2015


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Oh my pretty fabric. Sounds like fun, off to check my stash.


Ooooo how fun!

Virginia LB Beck

I am excited to join you in this new Mystery Monday's project.


Hi Sherri,
Peggy from the IG Birthday group.....Just saw your IG post and commented there.....Will be joining the fun for sure.

Peggy in NJ

Susan T

I will be joining also, but alas,no smartphone, so no instagram :(


Sound like fun and I have stacks and stacks of stash fabric!


Sounds like fun but I don't have IG.


Yay! Love your fabric choices! I don't do instagram yet, but this is most definitely doable from my stash. Fun!

Judy Witzel

I will be joining you - you're mystery projects are always fun.


I will be joining you :)


I'm looking forward to joining you!


Oooh, I'm so excited! I don't do instagram but I've got a great stash. Your mysteries are always great. I'll definitely be joining in.

Joan McGlaughlin

Is that 7" and 5" each by width of fabric?

Judy S

I'm in. I haven't a clue as to what fabric I'll be using yet, but for sure, it'll be coming from my stash.


Great goal to look forward to for the new year!

Karen Nelson

I've just retired and have time now to sew! Just looking up some patterns from a while ago and AHA!!! Here are 2 Mystery Monday's I've printed off to save for a good time,
From 2011 and 2012!!
I can hardly wait to get started!! Thank you for sharing your inspiration!!!

Adeline Brill

I also need to think about using up my stash and a mystery is always a good thing!

Vickie Graveline

What a great way to use up my stash and what better way to start the new year. Can't wait to get started.


Looking forward to this mystery---first one for me.

Jeannie Mc

I too, would like to use up some of my stash.


Peg R

can't wait to start

Tracy Reeder

Just found your blog via The Crafty quilter! Sounds exciting! I'm in :-)

Deanna W

Yes, just what I was looking for, I am in. Don't have Instagram though.


I don't have Instagram either but would love to join in if possible.


just started quilting would be so excited to join in.

Jeannine Brenner

Just found this through Instagram! So I am a little late for it to be a mystery lol but I would still love to sew along!

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