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December 10, 2013


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Joy is a walk in the pristine snow with my family. Merry Christmas to you.


Joy is having a good report come back from the doctor and family and friends around no matter what is happening.
Peace is the feeling that comes from knowing GOD

Christine Gibbons

Joy to me is seeing my grandchildren opening their gifts on Christmas morning.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Christine G

Wendy L

JOY is so many things! My kids, my husband, my family, and of course QUILTING! Thanks for sharing your talent.

Deborah Boatman

I find joy in simple things: feeling the sunshine on my face, sitting in a cozy place with a cup of tea, catching up with a friends and, of course, quilting!

Leslie Legros

Hi! My husband had 2 emergency surgeries since July and has developed 2 problems with his heart. He has an incision still open and nurses come to our home 2 times per day. Seeing his smile in the morning and a hug at night brings me Joy .....
Plus all the people who have been helping us, knowing they were there for us brings me much Joy!
Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
I wish you all Joy and Peace this holiday season!
Take are, Leslie


I love it when teaching a young person a new skill (like hand sewing felt creatures) and I see how much pleasure that skill is giving them. My heart warms with joy.


Christmas is a time for family and friends. I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of both! And I am sure that they will enjoy both of these receipes. Thanks for the chance to win.

Kathy G

HI Sherri,
Love the patterns AND the recipes! My joy is having my grandchildren with me for at least a few days at Christmas time.

Michelle Klingaman

Joy is family and friends!

Barb N

I'm with you: joy is found in the little things of every day living. (And those caramels - now that would be quite a joyful taste for my mouth!)

Diane H

JOY is sitting by the fire with a cat on my lap doing some type of handwork. All the while watching the winter birds feeding at the feeders.


Joy is hugging my husband, son, daughter, grandson and my Mum. I experience joy every day as I hug my husband; the others live miles and miles away. My other joys are being outside enjoying all aspects of nature and the completion of a quilting project. Life is good.

Gail Johns

Joy, for me is, family and friends. We have been through a lot this year, and still we are there for each other. Whenever I have a lot on my mind, I go to "My retreat", which is my sewing room. This is a place where I can create many wonderful things for the people I love. I also make a lot of Pajama pants and from my "leftovers", I create quilts for those less fortunate than us. Merry Christmas!

Kim Patterson

Joy is having all five children and one granddaughter home at the same time! God is good.


Hi the patterns look fabulous - JOY for me is
Giving gifts of kindness, either planned or
Unplanned like helping someone at the grocery
Store or doing a good deed for a neighbour.
Wishing you a merry Christmas!!

A Facebook User

Joy has always been in the faces of the small children as they anticipate Santa coming for a visit.

Shawn J

Thanks for the giveaway and just being with family brings me joy.
smjohns63 at yahoo dot com


Joy is enjoying some smalls things that make life worthwhile.


Joy is having my husband and children with me any time of the year. Joy stands for J is for Jesus, O is for Others and Y is for You, so we need to put Jesus first then others then you or ourselves. Wishing you and yours and everyone a Joyus and Blessed Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year. I thoroughly enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing.


Having all of my family home for Christmas brings me joy.


Family....period! Oh, and quilting...heehee. :D


Joy for me is seeing Kylie & EJ's faces(my grandchildren).

Linda H

I have JOY in my life everyday ... from the love of my husband and dog to the love of all members of my family and friends ... I am a VERY blessed woman!


Being with family during the holiday season brings me JOY!


My husband, my children and my quilting are the joys of my life.

Gina S.

What gives me the most joy is watching my grand kids when the open something i've made for them. It gives me lot of joy when my daughter tells me the kids see something and she can't afford it they just tell her Nana will make it for me. :)

Patti Levine

Joy…is my wonderful husband and beautiful daughter. Love being together for an evening of laughter. Joy….is also finding some extra time to sit and quilt with my kitties keeping me company. Life is good!

Cindi Clark

Watching the kids play (and giggle) with the puppy and the sheer pleasure that they get out of that just fills me with so much joy, it's so fun!

Shirley Wood

I find great joy in sitting quietly and reflecting on the Son of God coming to earth, loving us so much, that He paid the penalty for our sins. If, by faith, we receive Him as our Savior, we will live with Him forever. Now that is love!


JOY is being grandma to 4 precious little ones!

Nancy Helpinstill

I find joy each time I enter my sewing room and work, with the TV playing my DVR'd programs and a cat sleeping in the sunny window.

Joan McGlaughlin

JOY is fixing Christmas dinner for all my family! And hearing the grandchildren telling about their gifts from Santa! Thank you for all the mysteries you have given us! JOY is looking forward to the next one!!

Sally K

Joy is sunshine after several cold and cloudy days. Thanks for the drawing opportunity. Your patterns are a "joy" too!

Josie Scheckel

Joy is being with family , having my great grandda come every morning to eat breakfast here ,her smile lights up the Joy in my heart , She is 15 months.

Patty V.

Christmas Joy is snuggling with little ones and playing cards and games with older kids.

Lynne Goebel

Joy for me is having our 3 grown children with my husband and I home for Christmas and sitting around our beautiful Christmas tree, getting caught up on
all the latest news in their lives.


Joy is my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ - no matter the happenings in my life.
Thanks for the chance to win some of your great patterns.

Bonnie Pfrimmer

Joy for me is having my family live close enough that I can see them whenever I want. To have them altogether on Christmas is such a joy to me. I plan on making those spiced pecans this Christmas.

kathy h

My family brings me joy. This Christmas we will be seeing all of our extended family too and we now have 2 new babies to see them experience the joy of Christmas. Thanks for those recipes. I have been trying to find a homemade caramel recipe and there it was. I want to try the pecans too. everyone likes them in a salad.

 Mary Chevalier

Joy is being with family and friend ,and seeing the Happy smiles on everyones face.

Joellyn Partyka

Watching a quilt take shape from little squares to a full quilt or table topper brings me joy and peace. It is very calming for me. My family and watching my daughters become adults with successful careers and lives on their own also gives me great joy. It makes me feel like I've done something right with my life.

Juel Bagaason

Joy is going "home"(northern MN) to be with family over Christmas. And our churches Christmas Eve service with all the carols and lights out at the end where we each pass the candle light to each other and sing Silent Night. Brings back such good memories of Grandparents and those who are now in heaven.

Thank you for the chance to win!!

Brenda Thaxter

Joy is being able to spend the winter in our RV - this year we're in the Hill Country of Texas - rather than home shovelling snow in Saskatchewan! I must admit that I'm struggling with it not being a "white Christmas" (I'll get over it, I'm sure!)

Alicia Key

My joy is in the Reason for the Season!

Shirley Carlson

Joy is having my grandson, Logan, for the day and making Christmas cookies with him. Joy is also having my three children all living with 30 minutes of my house and joy is being retired with my husband and having good health.


Sitting on the couch with my cats, one on each side of me, brings me Joy. Finishing a year long mystery project and really liking it brings me Joy. Sewing and visiting with friends is joyous.

Linda Winn

My Joy knowing I have been the best mother I could be. Joy is my husband and a good life.


Thanks for the give away. For me joy is having my daughter home for South Korea, and that she has decided to stay home instead of returning to SK.


JOY is being with friends and family, the memories that have been made over the years at the holidays, and finding time to work on quilt projects! Thanks for the great recipes, and love your patterns too!

Judy Brennan

The joy I enjoy most during the holidays is spending time with my family. Hearing their voices in our home, the laughter, the chatter, the silliness. The sounds of voices last long after they have left in my mind. I learned several years ago that what really matters is the love we have for our families and friends. We are the lucky ones.


Joy is the blessing of family, friends and pets!


Joy is playing with the animals! 4 cats and 2 big dogs make it somewhat zoo-like, but always fun!

Thanks for the chance to win (averting my eyes from the recipies!).


Joy is my seventeen year old son still letting me hug him. Even in front of his friends.


Joy is being with family and friends. Especially spending time with my grandchildren. Thanks for the recipes and giveaway.

Evie G

Joy is time with my family.


Joy is having my family get together at any time of the year. We all live far enough apart that its not easy to get together.

Karrie Smith

Being with my daughter brings me joy :)

Tiffany W

JOY is working in an elementary school. It is impossible to go one day without a child touching my heart!
I love your blog & patterns!! Merry Christmas :)


It is a joy to have my family together. It's been a stressful year, and many things are not resolved, but I am trying to choose to be joyful even in these situations.


Snowshoeing in the woods with my 8 month old puppy is Joyful!


Joy is having my family all home together, enjoying working together, eating together and laughing together!

Susan Galasso

Joy is being able to visit my family this year for Christmas - Dad (94years young), my sister and her family, and my daughter who lives in Boston, and knowing my youngest, graduating from university in the UK, has decided to come stay with us.

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