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December 10, 2013


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Karen Miller

Hi Sherri... Love your patterns and thanks so much for the giveaway! Joy is watching my twin grandsons dance around the living room holding their newly opened home made pillow cases in their favorite fabrics! Laughing and singing like they won the lottery! That is JOY! So simple, so rewarding... Happy Holidays!

Laurie in Iowa

Joy is taking morning walks in the snow with my Corgi. Joy is listening to Christmas music.
Happy Holidays!


Joy is having the whole family gather for Christmas.

Colleen from Washington

Joy at Christmas is family, good health, and snow :)


I enjoyed reading your JOY post on the Moda blog.
I have the JOY of my sister moving back to town after 30 years in the Midwest and getting to see her nearly every day! I introduced her to quilting eight years ago so now we share JOY in that. Thanks for the giveaway!


Wonderful post!! My boys live far away so anytime I hear from them and their family it brings me joy! Thank you for the giveaway and a Joyous Christmas to you!


What a fun giveaway....and I am for sure making those pecans. What brings me JOY....EASY to answer that one. GRANDCHILDREN!!!! They make my heart sing!!!!!


Joy is my family. Nothing makes me happier. Merry Christmas!


I've been blessed with two little granddaughters this year and they are bringing my Christmas spirit back to life!

Kay Mc

Being with my family at Christmas & all through the year brings me my greatest joy. I have made several of your patterns & would be thrilled to win some more. Thanks, also for the recipes. I will definitely be trying the Spiced Nuts.

Carrie Brown

The pure joy I have at Christmas is spending time with family and giving gifts to them. I love to have time to realize the true meaning of Christmas with family. Although, I love giving, I love celebrating the birth of Christ!!

Joan Rodriguez

Joy is spending time baking cookies with my grandchildren during the holidays.


Joy is sitting by the fire with a cat in my lap doing some kind of handwork. Blessings to you and yours.

Jeanne Jones

Joy is celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary four days before Christmas.

Denise Canral

The most joy I experience at Christmas is having my daughters and their husband and boyfriend with us. This year I have 2 daughters that are expecting . One is a baby boy and the other is a baby girl. Next year the joy will be even bigger and better!!


Being with my family during the holidays brings so much joy. Wishing you the best the Holiday Season brings. Hugs

Mary Ellen

Joy is when the whole family is home and we sit down to huge family dinner. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

Donna Widerquist

Joy is spending time with my best friend---my husband. He is the best, and I thank the Lord each day for him.


Joy is that I just finished the quilting on the last quilt .... now to do the finishing on all three grandchildren's quilts before Christmas....


Joy is my grandson saying Grandma!

Nancy of IN

Family brings me joy--hubby of 50 years, 2 sons and DDiL, 5 grands. What more could I ask?! I have wonderful friends; sister and brother and their spouses; all are wonderful. And the wonderful people I have met through their blogs including you.

Susan in OK

Joy is giving of yourself to others and realizing we all are in need of fellowship of others no matter our current place in life.


I find joy in my family, my significant other, my little dog and ever annoying "want to sit on your lap" cat. And I have always found joy in creating - from rubber stamping to knitting, and now quilting.


Joy is spending Sunday afternoons with my granddaughter having "sewing lessons" on her new sewing machine we gave her for her 8th birthday. She has made three quilt tops since the age of three. Each one bigger than the last one. Now, we are learning how to read patterns. Any time with her brings Joy to my heart.

Karen at A Glimpse Into My Reveries

Every day I feel joy when I look out to see my sweet, fierce little hummingbirds at the feeder. This is the third winter they have stayed year around and they bring a brightness and light-heartedness and joy to the dark days of our short winter daylight hours!

Karen McMahon

Joy is when the family is all together.

Jen B

Sunshine in winter, which does not come too often in the midwest. Thanks for the opportunity!

Carrie P.

Joy is doing anything with my husband even if it is painting or raking leaves.
Merry Christmas! and thanks for the giveaway.


Joy this year will be getting to see a movie during Christmas week with my family. Trying to get my shopping done early (well sort of)!


JOY is one of my favorite words. Family comes to mind first, especially my 4 year old year old grandson. This time if year is magical for him.

Angelia L.

Joy is when my two grown boys are home together at the same time for Christmas. As they grow older it gets harder to get them together and I cherish every minute. Thank you for sharing!

Mary Kastner

My 7 and 3 year old granddaughters give me so much joy! Thank you for the chance to win some of your wonderful patterns.


Mary Jo

JOY, for me is being at home, creating something! Whether with my grandchildren or hubby! I also find great JOY at my job-I am a 911 Dispatcher and knowing I have helped someone gives me a kind of JOY at the end of the day that I just cannot describe!

Donna Phelps

I love to see Joy in the faces of those (especially the children) who open a handmade gift and proclaim how much they "love" it or that it was "just what I wanted"on Christmas morning and any other day of the year.Joy is in the giving.


Joy is a grandma life;)

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Joy and family go hand in hand. Playing in fabric is pretty joyful too! ;-) Thanks for the fun!

Kathy (Quilt Monkey)

Joy is spending time with my niece and nephews. It's easy to get jaded - espeically this time of year - and seeing how happy they get from simple things brings me joy! Thanks for the chance - and for the projects you share with us!


One of my favorite joys is to have time to sew everyday, a husband who thinks that is great, and my good health to do volunteer work whenever I can.

Thanks so much for the chance to win and I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas and a JOYful 2014.


Being with my friends and family during the holiday's brings me alot of JOY! Thanks for the chance at your patterns!


Sandy D

Joy is having my 6 grandkids around. To be able to watch them running around the farm and exploring. They do things that they cannot do at home in the city, like finding a new batch of kittens and naming them.


Joy is....my 2 year old grandson! Thanks for the chance to win your great patterns!


Joy is my family and friends and the time we spend together! Your patterns are wonderful.

Marjorie Nath

Joy is watching the expressions on the faces of children when they see Santa or the presents under the Christmas tree.


My new granddaughter brings me joy- actually she brings most people joy.


I so enjoyed reading your post! thanks for the holiday spirit and for sharing your recipes and for a lovely giveaway!


Joy is enjoying family. Visited on Skype with my 3yr old granddaughter last night. Wish she lived closer to us but so glad and thankful for Skype in our lives.
Love your patterns.

Jann Lawson

JOY is having my children and grandchildren for Sunday afternoon "happy time" playing games, crafting, cooking dinner together.


I'm finding joy in retirement with time to sew, read, vacation and spend time with my family!

Mary Ellen

Joy is good health. Thanks for a chance to win!

Nicole Giesecke

I'm so glad I discovered your site. What a blessing!
What brings me JOY during Christmas are the memories of my grandparents and how they shared the goodness of life with all they'd meet. Christmas memories of them are full of hospitality, meeting the needs of others, and just pure peace and love.


Joy to me is finding something special to be grateful for each and every day! Joy is seeing that special twinkle in my grandchildren's eyes when we talk about Christmas. Joy is having a quilt come together perfectly the very first time!
Thanks for the giveaway.


Baking cookies and carmels for the grandkids brings me joy.

Cheryl Ann

For me: Joy comes from giving, from the planning and creating, shopping and wrapping. Joy comes from the faces of those I love, celebrating together. Joy comes from Our Saviour, from contemplating His birth and love for us.


I've been fighting back problems for the past 2 years so when I have a pain-free day that is joyful!

MaryLou Wahl

What brings me joy-oh, so very many things-like having my little granddaughter here this past weekend and sharing in Christmas preparation with her and seeing the sparkle in her eyes as we decorated the tree. I have so very many Blessings that bring me joy each and every day!
May you and your family have a wonderful Holiday season.


Children's laughter, Christmas music and the love of my family bring me joy! Thanks for the giveaway!

Karen Seitz

Making and giving handmade gifts year round brings me joy. So does visiting all the wonderful blogs out there!

Merry Christmas!

A Facebook User

Joy is having my mom's nerve/arthritis not flare up and having pleasant days cooking, crafting, or baking together.


My family, friends and, of course, quilting, bring me much joy! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. I love your patterns; they bring me joy, too!

Mary Jean Price

I have 15 grandchildren and it brings me joy to be a part of their lives. I am truly blessed!

Karen in Breezy Point

Joy to me is waking up early enough to catch a sunrise. It's been so gloomy around here lately that seeing the sun is a joyous occasion! The snow is beautiful though and sparkles when the sun is out!


To me joy is watching my adult special needs son thrive now that he is out of school and home full time in a loving stable environment. Joy is holding my husbands hand as we sit through whatever comes our way. Joy is seeing my daughter smile when she gets her good grades and acceptance letters. To programs she applys for. Joy is all around us. We just have to reach for it.


Joy is looking at the smiling face of our sweet Granddaughter who is five month old. Oh and I love the JOY of mystery Monday's shared with you. Wishing you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and much success to you in 2014.

Karen W.

Celebrating Jesus birth at Christmas with family and friends gives me joy!

Jan Taylor

Joy is the smile on my 94 year old Dad's face. I know he will not be with me another holiday season ,but the joy he has given me in my life goes so deep in my heart. May you have a wonderful Christmas.All my best!!


My 3 gorgeous cats bring me JOY. Whether they be purring beside me, or frantically running around the house in a game of chase! I love to watch them play, and to snuggle up to them. :-)


Joy is any time spent with my granddaughters, ages 1 and 3. They are already loving fabric and sewing and that brings me additional joy!

Rhonda Davis

My Joy is when my grandkids (ages 3 years & 5 months) visit...they are growing up way too fast. Thanks for the chance to win some of your patterns!


I love seeing things through the eyes of my three year old granddaughter. She sees joy in little things and helps me see them.


I try to find JOY in every single day but the holidays always put JOY into my life. I am filled with JOY when my kids, their spouses, and the grands are all able to get together and celebrate.

Sandra Conklin

My 4 sons,daughter-in-laws,husband,and grandkids bring me JOY


Today's joy was a surprise snow day which provided me with just enough bonus free time to get some wrapping and baking under control.


Joy is having time off to relax with family. It is fun to be able to enjoy each other without the stresses of work and school.

Martha C.

Joy is my growing family with 4 "grandjoys". Joy is creating wonderful quilts with beautiful fabrics and wonderful patterns from which to choose!

vicki seals

Joy is watching my pets romp together. They always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for the great giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

Lori Hada

It brings me joy having family together & repeating some of the recipes that hsve been in the famik y for yrs & now sharing with my grandkids.


My family and friends bring me joy. I am having so much fun making gifts and decorating with my beautiful 3 yr old granddaughter. Seeing her face light up with each new project or event is so special!

Bonnie in Va

Healthy, family, a couple of dogs and good food after some joyful singing at church. That describes the joy of Christmas in my life.


Joy is my kids all coming home for Christmas! Family time! its the best!


My family, friends and quilting bring me joy. Love your patterns. Hope you find much joy in designing them in the coming year!


My family brings me joy, especially my grandchildren. They are a joy that I cannot describe.


My mom says I bring her joy...bit of a pun as my name is Joy. My mom is the one who gives me joy.


My wonderful family brings me JOY! I have a huge family and I love it!

Susan the farm quilter

My family, from my 92 year old dad to my 7 month old granddaughter and her 6 year old sister...and my 3 daughters (who finally all have sewing machines and all sew!!), and my dear hubby.

Gina Turner Snyder

My joy is my family and Jesus! Thanks for the giveaway!


Nancy M

My family, my church family, quilting, Christmas baking...all joy. Love your patterns and all the possibilities.


Jana B

Joy is sitting on my balcony watching a beautiful sunset as the sun finally goes down for the day. The peaceful and sometimes quick moments mean a lot.


Joy is making christmas cookies with my granddaughter.


Joy is nowing that our saviour is born. And giving is joy too. Thanks so much for sharing joy!

Bonnie Nyquist

Joy is having the entire family together and thehappy kids just dancing around all over. Your recipes look delicious! those pecans may be too hard to resist. Love your patterns,always check in to see what new you are doing..

GG Bocchino

Joy is a cancer-free family.

Susan K

Many things/people give me joy. My family - my husband and 3 sons, my parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews - my friends. I get joy from my sewing/quilting, cats, traveling, nature. Basically being alive is a joy every day.

Linda Pommeranz

My most joyful time is having our 3 kids, daughter-in-law and now, our first grandchild, a boy, gather for Christmas in our home. I smile as I watch and listen to our children having a great time together. So excited to have this 6 month-old little one added to the festivities. Almost 6 years ago I received the Gift of Life, a kidney, from my youngest sister. Every day is a joy to me because God has allowed me to still be here celebrating!

Susanne mikalishen

My family and the Lord Jesus Christ bring me lots of joy! :)

Lisa Mikel

Family and quilting bring me joy! Thanks for the give away! I love your patterns.


Hearing from my Grandchildren does it every time for me.

Judy Forkner

Joy comes when the family gathers for the holidays.

Sue Dunlap

For me, the joy is seeing a fresh snowfall and the deer coming up to the house to eat. We live in the woods and it is so beautiful, especially in winter.

Sansi Hall

Joy is finishing the binding and lable on a quilt and watching the face of the person you give it to.

Joyce Mitchell

Joy is getting together with my family and sharing the wonder of the Christmas holidays. Thanks for the recipes & the chance to win.

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