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June 25, 2012


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Mary Jo Jones

Wow...do I love these new patterns..you are so talented!I sure hope I win this giveaway...not sure which one I would make first:)

Pat K

Oh I love the new embroidery patterns! And a tag along to take them with!!! Just started embroidering again after a 40 year break --I would love to make these cute patterns.

Bonnie Nyquist

Love that Tag Along,what a neat idea!! Very useful for just about anything. Your patterns are just the best. Thanks for the look see,loving the embroidery patterns also!

Kim Hamilton

Love it all! I love doing handwork and the Tag Along would be perfect! What a great idea!

Pam Kennison

Oh yes please, i woukd love the chance to win the Tag along and all the wonderful patterns, thanks heaps for the chance. Pam

Billie K

I love them all as well. Thanks for the chance.

Karen at Quilting, Losing and Tea

This would be so wonderful to win. I have been thinking about trying the quilt & embroidery combo. Thank you!

pat abfalter

Thank you so much for all the wonderful patterns you have given us over the years


I, for one have never been able to start thinking about Xmas until so much closer and then it is crunch time. These cute patterns would be so much fun tat I would start on them eary and voila... presents!! Thanks for the cance to win them!


I guess I should have spell checked! Lol

Donna Russell

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Tag Along pattern. The embroidery designs are great also, lol.

ML Cauley

Wow, nice giveaway! I love all of them, especially the tag along, and "Treasures"! It would be nice to win something, so thank you for giving us ladies and gentlemen a chance to win! Have a great day!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I just put the final stitch in an embroidery project and was looking for something new~ your patterns would certainly keep me in stitches a while! As for Christmas~ I panic 2 weeks before. ;-) Thanks for the great giveaway!!

Patti Levine

Oh Sherri, I love, love, love the tag along. What a great design. I am also head over heals for anything Pumpkin! Your new orange pumpkin is just adorable and would look great on my table. Thank you for a chance to win and for creating such adorable designs!

Manon Ehlers

Pick me....LoL
I love giving hand made item to people that love them... It warms my heart. Thanks for all the small projects you give us.


Oh Sherri, you have really hit the jackpot with this one. The Tag Along would be perfect for my redwork and the embroidery blocks I am working on. You are one talented lady and thanks for sharing with us.

Karen ~ Briarside Lane

Love the Tag-Along! The embroideries are just wonderful... especially the pumpkins. Already have the Ackfeld Wire table topper hanger so I'd be set with those patterns. Thanks for the wonderful give-away!


Really like the Pumpkin Spice embroidery pattern. I have used many of your quilting patterns over the years.


Love the tag along bag...I think I need to make about five, one for each of my different projects. :)


Such sweet and fun projects, just like you! I have already made "Blessings" and am stitching up "Treasures". LOVE the little quilt stands! They're such a nice way to display your embroidery stitches.

Kathy O

Wow, the only thing better than heading to my go to shop (Sweet Home in Conyers) would be to win these! I'd have to make the tag along first to hold my new patterns and their supplies!
thanks for the opportunity, and the look at the new patterns...you know how to get a girl off the wagon!

Nancy L

Yes, I kind of freak out when I think of Christmas coming; I haven't even started my summer sewing! Love embroidery on quilted items-it adds so much!Really like snowmen, but I'm a little flaky too! :-)


Oh, the tag along is just so adorable and practical. And I love your stitchery patterns. What great gifts this would make! Thanks for the chance!

Sharon Griffith

Yes I tend to freak out also when I read only 6 mnths left before Christmas but I am trying to learn to be more organized and I have started early this year so it has helped. I love, love the tag along and it would help to keep me moving along no matter where I am. Also your designs are awesome and pumpkins are one of my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity....

Franci Caldwell

The Tag Along is just what I have been looking for!!
I take projects with me to work for the time I have before I start and while I am waiting for my husband to get off. My current "Tag Along" is a large plastic bag.


Love the tag Along,they are just gorgeous and love the stitchery.

Debbie Reaves

Your book sounds great and the new patterns are right up my alley. I have been wanting to try embroidery and I just bought some floss the other day.

I could use the project taker big-time.



Love your patterns! If I run real short on sewing time, the patterns make a great gift too!


I love your new projects and would love to be working on one myself!!! I enjoy having something to take along with me wherever I go.

Alicia Key

Great new patterns. I seem to work better with deadlines!


That tag along looks great especially!!

Carrie P.

congrats to the winners.
love all the new patterns. you have been very busy creating some fun stuff.

Lori Schmidt

I'm excited to see the tag Along,to organized my embroidery projects, especially while on the go. My quilt guild will be impressed. I really like your embroidery patterns an dlook forward to finding them in my local quilt shops. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us.


Love your designs...especially Tag Along. Thanks for generous giveaway.

Sandy P

Love the cute patterns and the Tag-along is perfect! All I can say is "Pick me, pick me!". Thanks for the great give away!!


Well, I see you have done it again! Your new patterns are to die for especially the Tag Along. Thanks for another great giveaway!

Marsha Rosenberger

I love the Tag Along pattern!
I am always bringing my knitting or hand sewing with me. This would really come in handy.
I do a lot of embroidery and these patterns would be helpful for Xmas.
Thanks for the chance to win them.


Oh, I love the embroidery patterns, especially the ones with the snowmen. I have who also loves snowmen, and she may get one of these made up for Christmas.

Darla Bohn

Enter me! Now I need to have a cup of tea and try to relax and not think about Christmas being only six months away! ;-)

Cara Tesdahl

Cute, cute, cute!! I have just started embroidery again and love your seasonal designs!


I love these new patterns. I need the tagalong bag to carry my embroidery projects when we use our new RV.

Cindy K.

The embroidery patterns are all so cute - it would be hard to decide which one to do first! I would make the Tag Along to put them in while I decide. Thanks for all the great patterns!


I need to make your tag-a-long bag! Your new patterns are wonderful...it's so much fun to combine embroidery with my love of fabric, sewing and quilting!

Kristi N. Iowa

Great new patterns and a case that looks like a bag so fashionista...Can't wait to start hot weather is here so I start staying inside alittle more...You are a great designer.Thank you

LeAnne L

Really like the looks of the Tag Along pattern. And A Little Flaky is really adorable.


All I can say is WOW!! and OMG to each and everyone of those projects-I can think of at least 1 or 2 on my gift list that would love anyone of them and myself included!! Thanks for all your wonderful designs-can't wait to check and see if my favorite local shop has your patterns in yet!!


WOW!!! Not only cool stuff to make for Christmas gifts....and me :)... but a cool "Tag Along" to make so I can tote them around with me! Love it!!! And LOVE the "Pumpkin Spice" for my fall table...Thanks Sherri I LOVE your patterns!

Leslie J.

The Tag Alon is wonderful. If I won then I really would have no excuse to not bring something with me to all of my kids activities, right? The embroidery projects are wonderful as well. Thanks for the giveaway!


You have done it again, love the patterns, and what is even more special to be able to show your
sewing skills, while working on projects while out and about. What a conversation starter. The embroidery
patterns have such simple charm and
are so fun. Thanks for sharing.
Congrats on the great patterns. I could so use these.


All the patterns are so cute. They would be so fun to sew for all the Christmas gift I make! You are so creative with all your patterns. Thanks.


I guess it's time to start making Christmas cards!
I love the tote.

Cheryl Jennings

Just love these new patterns! I especially like the project case. I always use a ziplock bag. This wold definitely be better.


Only 6 mos to Christmas!!! What great presents these patterns would make. Have done your mystery projects so know how great your patterns are.

Peggy Raverty

What I like the most about Sherri's patterns is that they appear to be very "do-able" right from the start. And there is a variety of these do-able projects that are dedicated to a variety of seasons & reasons to make them!

Kathie L

the tagalong pattern is great, along withnall the rest. I love doing some sewing and embroidery to break up the quilt g addiction!


Oh, my gosh, I could make all of these before Christmas and probably have time left over! What darling patterns, Sherri!

Julie Forslev

Such wonderful patterns! I would love to have them to make Christmas gifts for family and friends (and me). Thank you for the opportunity!


Great projects, the Tag a Long bag looks like something I could use, since I take a project with me wherever I go.

Stacy Lindblom

I love the Tag Along! I've been looking for something just like this. Right now I carry my stuff in a gallon size zip lock bag. Not very cute but it works.

kathy h

I love all those patterns and the tag along is a great idea. I have several bags to bring my projects along with me but none that will fit a book. Great idea. Thanks for the chance to win those wonderful patterns.


I love your embroidery designs and I just getting back into embroidery after many years away from it. I'd love to be entered into your drawing and would be thrilled to add your designs to my new collection of designs.

Carol Campbell

Each one of those patterns is wonderful! Love the Tag
Along---how useful and so cute at the same time. And each of those embroideries is just too cute--my favorite just might be the pumpkins as I love anything pumpkin, but I can say that for flowers and snowman as well, so this whole group is just fantastic. And each of them would make a great gift.

Michelle Klingaman

I love the tag along...for needlework or even for my iPad when I'm traveling.

the quote...count my blessings is wonderful!

What a joy it would be to win this very special package!!

Linda B

Your projects are all so adorable...and I can't keep up with you!! No fair! Love reading your blog. Thanks for a chance to win!!


Sherri I am on a road trip as I write this & am busily crocheting (I'm not the driver!). Your tagalong project holder would work well for this kind of project too! Plus I could stow one of your sweet stitching projects and have a change of pace from crocheting. Your new patterns are wonderful!

Kathy (QuiltMonkey)

Thank you for creating the Tag Along pattern! I use something similar to this as my main sewing kit, and it is really worn out. I've been wanting to make a new one, but couldn't find a pattern that I liked. Yours looks great! Thanks for the chance!

Patty V

Love all your new patterns. thanks for a chance to win them.

Mary Chevalier

I can't think of Christmas yet ,but a new embroidery pattern sure sure do excite me .Everyone of these patterns would be well worth embroidering.They are all so pretty it would be a toss-up which too do first.


Love your work! Refreshing. I like the Tag-Along piece. How useful it would be for embroidery-being able to see all of my supplies at once would be great! Hope I win. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


Love the little tag-along! Just what I've been looking for to take in the car on road trips to visit the grandkids.


Very cute patterns. What a great give away!

Sandy A in St. Louis

The embroidery patterns are so cute! I just recently got back in to embroidery thanks to a guild monthly block challenge and am always looking for things I can do in the car and when I get to work too early. These would be wonderful!

Elaine S

Love your Tag Along bag along with all those embroidery patterns. I like to do embroidery as it is so relaxing. I am working on a couple of big embroidery projects but would love to squeeze a smaller project in there also.


Your patterns are lovely and I love to embroider, so please add me to the drawing!


Today is my first day of my retirement from teaching! So, I'm still sitting in my chair reading my favorite blogs!! In my pajamas at 9:00am!! UNREAL!! I think I'm gonna LOVE being retired!! And I would love to sew up your wondrous designs as a great start!!


Great projects and a wonderful giveaway!


Love the embroidery patterns! Especially the "A Little Flaky" and "Pumpkin Spice"! Thanks for the chance to win!


Love all the new embroidery patterns, especially the take along bag. I haven't worked on embroidery projects in a while, but this is just the inspiration I need. Would love to win the set of patterns!

Marlene D

Christmas is a big gift giving time for me and I love to make all of the gifts I give. You are so creative and I would love the "Tag Along" for all my projects. I now use an old purse that is starting to fall apart. I will be buying your book for all of the wonderful ideas you have to stitch for the holidays.

Becky K.

Love all of your patterns!! Thanks.


I really like your quick and easy patterns. The Tag-Along is really spiffy, love the colors. Our dog tagged along with me all through the house when he was living. His picture could go right in the middle as an applique. Thank you, too, for the cute embroideries.

marcia e

I love them all- the Tag Along is on my short list of "To Do" though!

Mary Jean

You have really outdone yourself. I love them all...especially the tag along and the pumpkins. I want them all!!!

Cindi C

Oh My! I'm the same way. There are so many cute ideas and projects and I know the perfect person for it, my list ends up so long that I don't stand a chance. I made your notebook covers a couple of years ago, and everyone raved about them. I love your designs. Keep them coming.

Shirley I.

Christmas is only six months away--yikes!! Your patterns are fantastic--especialy The Tag Along. Thank you for the giveaway.


I absolutely love all your stitchery patterns. The tag along is a must make for me.

Darlene B

I love all of your patterns. They are so cute and not too time-intensive to make....great for gifts! I would love to win some of your patterns. Thanks for the opportunity!

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