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February 26, 2012


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I can't open your wpd file. Can you repost as a pdf please?

marcia e

A bit of embroidery would be nice... just not "too much" ;)

Thanks for giving us these Mystery Mondays- I am loving doing them each week!

marcia e

I can't open the wpd file either


I'm OK with some embroidery - not LOTS, but I love embroidery. Having fun with the mysteries!!! Thanks for keeping up with them for us.


what is a wpd file?

all i get are strange stuff

Karen W.

Please repost as a PDF. :)


I like embroidery too. I believe it really makes a project look classy.

BTW - I can't open your file either!? : - (


Unfortunately, I can't open your file...it comes across as "wingdings" (for lack of a better description).

Sherri Falls

All fixed. Sorry about that. I clicked on the wrong file when I uploaded. I should have checked it. Sorry about that....all fixed now. Thank you!!!

Sandra Dagg


Pat F

Your embroidery designs are great so I'd love to see some in a mystery quilt.

Chris G

I am loving this project. I can hardly wait until Monday. Thanks for doing this. It would be fun to do some embroidery on the next project.

Gale Lavers

Embroidery would be great on the next one. I am following along with the Aurifil Designers and really enjoying the embroidery part.

Micky Ruiz

Yes, I'm getting reacquainted with embroidery and love the new "outline only" patterns. I really enjoyed doing your Winter Bliss snowman.

Linda Z

Love the mysteries. This week I did not think the clues were very clear. I think you should have said take last weeks 3-1/2" blocks and make 16 3-1/2" squares of background. Then the picture. My friend and I thought you had to make more HST and wasted our fabric. We weren't working together. Shae called to warn me and I had already cut the fabrics. As for embroidery. Do they mean applique of embroidery?

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