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July 05, 2011


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Thank you for the sweet table topper pattern Sherri! Our favorite new tradition for holidays is calling our kids via Skype. We get to see our grandkids, too! We've even opened Christmas gifts together, with the grandkids running up to the computer to show each gift as they open them. Since we need to stay close to my MIL, traveling for the holidays is out of the question. Skype and Facetime give us our holidays together again!

Lori C.

I like the 4th of July because it is my brothers birthday and I get to spend time with family. I also thank all the service men and women fighting for our rights past and present. Thanks for the free pattern. I can't wait to make it.


I really love this table topper and I'm thinking I need at least two of them, maybe more...I definitely want to get one made with some fun bright Spring/Summer fabric, then I will be in my sewing room later going through my tiny little Christmas stash to see if I can get one made that is Christmasy and Festive without a trip to the LQS. Thanks so much for this pattern!!! I'm also completely in love with the Northern Cardinal fabrics. OH, be still my heart, they are so beautiful. Thanks for a chance to have some

nami 11

Great pattern thanks so much. Can't wait to try the BBQ ribs too.


Thanks so much for the cute project. I like your idea of using other holiday themed fabric. I may have to make several.

Lisa Marie

So glad the blog hop allowed me to discover your blog. The book and the fabrics look wonderful! And I may have to whip us some of the table toppers. My favorite thing about any & all holidays is getting together with extended family. Seems like those opportunities are too few and far between.


I'm having a great time with this blog hop! I love finding new-to-me blogs. Your table topper is darling! Thanks for the pattern. And your cardinals are so lovely!

Julie Letvin

Love your cute table topper - thanks so much for the pattern. And that fabric is yummy! My favorite holiday has to be Christmas. I love the music, decorations, celebrating with family and even the snow!


Thankyou so much for the pattern, it is really cute!! Would be nice to have one for each holiday. I like all your patterns, the new ones with embroidery are really neat! I love cardinals, would be fun to win your book and the fabric!!


I love the free firecracker pattern - just the thing to make for next year. Our holidays start by inviting family and friends to gather and share a meal. Everything after that is just a bonus. The cardinal fabric is wonderful!


Fun table mat!! Lovin the yummy new fabric!!


Cute table topper! One for every special holiday or occasion would not be too many! Thanks!


Thank you for the wonderful pattern and the idea for a holiday theme. This would make a great gift for someone using their favorite colors!


Thank you for the Firecracker table topper pattern. It's so cute. I love a family BBQ for the July 4th holiday. Those BBQ ribs sound so yummy! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your Cardinal Christmas book & fabrics.


I really like your table topper. And those ribs look finger-licking-good delicious! Thanks for a chance at your giveaway. :)


This table topper is adorable. It could be made up in so many different fabrics for every occasion. Thanks for the very generous giveaway! And thanks for the recipe :-)

Carol C.

I love the table topper!! And the cardinal fabrics are so beautiful!! The recipe sounds so good, too!! My favorite 4th of July tradition is baseball with family, followed by fireworks! Thanks so much, and thanks for the opportunity!!


Thanks so much for the table topper. It is so cute! The ribs look great also. YOur book and fabrics look great and can't wait to check them out! Thanks

Jan Goerke

If I get busy, I could have a topper for Halloween AND Christmas. Thank you for the pattern.

Barb Colvin

When we were kids, the fireworks were set off out at the drive-in theater. Our church was about a mile away at the edge of town. So we'd all get in the station wagon with some blankets and watch the fireworks from the church parking lot. There were always lots of other families there, too.


I love this table topper. It would be perfect for my round coffee table so I am going to be making this today! I'll probably end up making it in every colorway for all the seasons.


I love getting together with family and catching up with each other's lives. Love your table topper.


Thank you for sharing the pattern and for the lovely giveaway! what a fun hop! On July 4th I donate time to place flags on veterans graves for families at local cemeteries. Then we always have a family picnic. thank you!

Darlene B

We just love to sit and catch up with friends on the 4th. Having great food to eat makes the day even better! Always enjoy seeing fireworks, too. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Janet Lee Monnett

I am so excited to find your blog. Thanks for the free pattern!!Blessings!!!


Don't do anything in particular for the 4th of July. Mostly spend time with my best friend/husband! = ) Thanks for the great give-away ... and the pattern. Love the table-topper.

Pat B from MN

Thanks so much for the pattern.

The rib recipe sounds intriguing.

Janelle J

Thanks for the topper pattern. I like the hexagon shape. Since we have a 2 1/2 year old the last few years we don't stay out late, but we can see our friend's really good show from our house, so we still get some fireworks and our son gets his sleep!


Love the table topper and the ribs sound so delicious. Just have to try them out. Thanks for the chance to win.

Gwynette in NW Arkansas

I just saw that fabric yesterday at Fat Quarter shop and fell in love with it. I adore anything with cardinals on it.

I am doing your rib recipe as soon as I can get to the store for some ribs!!! Sounds great.


My favorite thing to do on holidays is to have a cookout with family. Yesterday we watched our 20 month old grandson play baseball-so cute and so much fun. I love your new fabric and book and would love a chance to win them. Thanks.

Marilyn W.

Thanks for participating in this blog hop and sharing such a great recipe. Can't wait to try it.


Fun table mat! Thanks for sharing and for a chance for the new book!


I love Christmas! Growing up my mother always made pajamas for us. I did the same with my children and am now doing it for my grandchildren (all 22 of them). Can't wait to make your pattern, thanks for sharing!!


My favorite holiday tradition is that my mom bakes my sister and I our favorite filled cupcakes like the hostess ones, but better only on our birthdays. Always looking forward to October and February, the birthday months.


Table toppers and ribs - what a great post!!!


Cute pattern. All the holidays are favorites when we spend them with our kids. I love blog hopping! thanks for a chance to win.



Pat V.

Cardinal Christmas makes me think of a favorite Christmas tradition. When I was growing up, we always had my grandparents to dinner on Christmas Eve. We'd exchange our gifts, and then attend midnight mass. I particularly remember the times it snowed. One year we couldn't even get out of the house! Another time, the first snowflakes began to fall just as we left the church. My parents and grandparents are all gone now, and my brothers and I live far from one another. I treasure those memories.


Sherri, thanks for organizing the blog hop. I've printed the table topper pattern and will start by making a Halloween table topper and then a Christmas one. I would luv to win the cardinal fabric and the book. Cardinals were my Dad's and father-in-law's favorite birds. They have both passed, so making a cardinal quilt project would bring back memories of Dad and JD. Thanks for sharing your talents and giving us a chance to win an awesome giveaway....(o:


Love the Firecracker pattern! It will be perfect on my round table, in Minnick and Simpson fabric. My favorite holiday tradition is Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's house (where your cardinal quilt would match beautifully...)

Carol Campbell

fabrics are wonderful! love the topper! no special July 4th tradition. swimming and BBQ are usually in order.

Patty A

We like to camp on the 4th and enjoy the campfire at night. I'm excited to participate in this blog and for the patterns posted. What fun! thanks!


This table topper is really cute!. Thanks for the pattern. I can see several seasonal ones being made! I have been reading your blog for quite some time now & I love it. Thanks again.


Great pattern and idea about using the Halloween fabrics! My husband loves Sweet Baby Rays, so I'll have to share this recipe with him.


Love the pattern. And more important - what time is dinner. The ribs pic is making me hungry. Thanks for the giveaway.


The ribs sound yummy! Who does the grilling at your house? I always thought the guys did the grilling but my husband does not cook/grill! I love sharing fun times with family and friends and seeing my dad or dad-in-law do the grilling!

Mrs. DillyDally

Love the Firecracker pattern! Will definitely put it on my "to do" list! And am excited about your new pattern book! I always love the ideas you come up with for the Holly Taylor fabrics! Thanks for sharing you talent with us all!

Deb A

BBQ ribs, sounds yummy and made me hungry! We really like the 4th of July because we spend it with a BBQ and our children/spouses and grandchild. It made for a very relaxing, fun weekend. Thanks!


I love your patterns and this table topper is no exception! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your books.

Brenda Smith

Thank you for the free pattern and recipe. Oh my...the Northern Cardinal book looks wonderful! I think that is now going to top my birthday wish list! Thanks again.

Briarside Lane

Just printed the Firecracker pattern... too late for RWB so I am off to my stash for some fall fabrics. And may look for something in the Christmas fabrics. Lends itself to a lot of fabric selections. Thank you!!

My DH had the smoker full of pork loins yesterday! Great with BBQ sauce, roasted potatoes, and cole slaw.

Thanks for the chance at your book! Lovely fabrics, too! ...Karen


hanks for the sweet table topper pattern. We had a nice restful fourth grilling and spending time with the family.

Sandra Hicks

I love the free pattern will be something I can make to use next year. Our tradition for 4th of July is to go to grandparents home and watch the local parade. We also barbq something and then make homemade ice cream for dessert. The kids just love it. The ribs will be something we can try next year! But will have to make them soon to get practiced up.

Linda C.

The cardinal fabric is beautiful, I saw it at my LQS. Would love to win your book. Thanks

Mary Kastner

Very nice pattern. I love, red, white and blue stuff. Thanks for the pattern and giveaway.


Thanks so much for the great pattern and recipe. I love no-stress, no-obligation holidays like the 4th of July. Just a time to relax and eat good food lol!

Neva Davis

Great pattern. It is oh so cute. The blog hop if fun. The best tradition we have is all getting together for Christmas. All the grandkids and siblings getting back together at once.


Thank you for sharing the pattern and the great recipe. Love ribs!!


Thanks for the cute table toppper pattern. I've always loved fireworks, so that's my favorite tradition of July 4th. But I also always make an angel food cake with red and blue sprinkles mixed in and sprinkled on top of the icing.
Your fabric is very lovely and I like what I see of the book. What a wonderful giveaway!


What a cute pattern. We spent the 4th picnicing with family and then fireworks!! Great way to spend the holiday! Thanks for the giveaway.

nany potter

thank you for table topper pattern I will make it for Halloween, it is my favorite time of the year. the silly fabric, harvest parties with extended family are the best the best.


How nice of you to give us the free pattern. I would love a chance at winning your give away.

Elizabeth McDonald

Love that little quilt -- and the ribs sound (and look!) yummy!


My favorite holiday tradition is having dim sum on Christmas morning and a big dinner with my extended family at night. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

sue bennett

I had a great 4th of July. Family always comes for a dinner and then the Fireworks were really good last night. It is my favorite all time holiday.


I love the Cardinal fabric. And yes, I think I'll be making your tabletopper. Thanks for the pattern.


Thank you for the fun table topper. I'm thinking of trying it with halloween fabrics. I really need to try your rib recipe. My mouth is watering, they look so good. Every year our little city Ralston NE, has the best parade and fireworks show. My husband and I always ride our bicycle built for two to watch the fireworks. Everyones always fighting for parking but we can sneak around everyone and sit on the bike trail to watch. It's always a lot of fun.


Thanks for the generous giveaways.I am still new to quilting, but the pattern looks challenging to me, will try it out.I am happy reading your blog :D .I had subcribed to your news.. :D

Kristin M

Very nice table topper. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

Nancy L

Family and food are our favorite holiday traditions. Grilling steak, chicken or pork chops in the summer if possible. Whenever the kids are home, I try to make caramel or cinnamon rolls for 1 breakfast meal. We love to cook together, so we have a lot of fun! This year we had our celebration a week early when all the kids and grandkids were home at the same time, first time in almost 2 years!!

Cherie W Meservy

Thanks for the cute pattern. i love the holidays. One of my favorite holiday tradtions is we have a home made Chinese meal. Peking Duck, Egg Rolls, Stir Fry...I grow up with that at Thanksgiving and My husband and kids do it at Christmas or New Year!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Mandy M

July 4th is our fav holiday. Watching my youngest shot off fireworks is simple fun at it's best!


Enjoyed your post! My favorite tradition is attending Lessons and Carols every December to listen to the beautiful music and the reading of scripture.


Love that pattern! My favorite July 4th activities are quiet books, sewing time, or just rest while the rest of the family is off at something more active...followed by a potluck picnic.

Beth T.

I saw my first cardinals when visiting my sister in Indiana. Your book and fabric would give me a way to commemorate that visit. Thanks for the giveaway.

Sara Velder

I LOVE the Firecracker pattern !
Your blog is always so interesting and fun to read!

Barbara L

Thank you so much for the cute table topper pattern and the chance to win the gorgeous fabric and book! BBQ'ing is my favorite thing to do on the 4th...since hubby does all the grilling!!! Hope you had a fun 4th!

Sue Huettl

These blog hops are so fun, glad I found your blog and the free pattern, thanks.

Linda K

FIREWORKS!! Guess I'll never grow up! Of course, I don't think that's a bad thing. Oh, and S'mores, too! Love your fabrics so much. Thanks for the chance to win and the pattern.

Carolyn Vogel

Love the new book and fabrics. Our holidays focus on family time together.

Carrie P.

Love the table topper.
The recipe looks very yummy.
Oh, I love birds. Thanks for the giveaway.

Katie Wiseman

Mmmm those ribs look amazing. And I'm hungry too!! Thanks so much for the giveaway! =c)

Sandy Rowe

Thank you for the receipe and for the great little quilt!

Christie B

Thanks a bunch for the free "Firecracker" quilt pattern. Very very cute!!! This year on the 4th I pieced together a quilt top. It was very relaxing and a great way to enjoy the holiday! The evening of the 3rd we watched the fireworks display over at a neighbor's. Would love to win your book and fabric! - They look wonderful! HUGS... and stitches

Diane Linford

Cute pattern! I'm loving the red white and blue quilts on this blog hop.


Love your little table topper. I enjoy reading your blog.
Spent the 4th weekend helping my daughter move. Did go out to eat but too tired to go down to the fireworks.


Cute table topper and delicious looking ribs. We make ribs for the 4th too - and made far too many of them this year. Our eyes were bigger than our appetites so now it's dreaming of what to do with the leftovers. I think jambalaya is next up.


This is the perfect table topper for a round table! A lazy morning with the family and good food later, is what I enjoy the most on almost any holiday!!

Gale Lavers

Love the pattern, I think it will make a great summer table topper, or fall... I think the choices are endless. Now to start cutting and sewing.

Mary Jean

I love that table topper and can picture it in so many different colors for the holidays....can't wait to try it! Those ribs sure look yummy.


My favourtie way to celebrate the holiday is to get together with family or if that is not possible to enjoy the day sitting on the porch and stitching. The rib recipe sounds so good! thank you for the table topper pattern.


Cute Pattern thank you!
Holidays I just look forward to friends and family....visiting and watching the kids swim and have fun..


My favorite tradition for the fourth of July is to get together with family before the fireworks. We always grill something yummy and the kids play in the sun while the adults talk (or play too). Thank you for the wonderful pattern, I can't wait to get started on it!

Marcia W.

Hexagon patterns are a favorite of mine. Thank you for the opportunity. This was a relaxing holiday weekend wrapped up with a favorite activity - watching A Capitol Fourth on PBS.
I can't remember where I saw your cardinals panel, yet when saw it knew that my mother would love it! We've had many red birds around lately (what we call cardinals) and one must have a nest in a flower bush. Hope win so my Mom can make a quilt with a favorite bird.

Patty D

Favorite holiday traditions just revolve around taking time away from work and enjoying the kids. thanks for chance to win.

Michele Gailey

thank you for the free pattern for the table topper. I think I'm going to make this one and KEEP it for myself. Red, White and Blue, because I don't have anything patriotic to put on the table for the 4th. My nieces' birthday is today (5th)and as she was growing up we always had a family birthday picnic for her. She's grown up and moved away, but is back in town visiting and we're having our family picnic tomorrow. I love getting together with my family, stopping the craziness and running around and just sitting and visiting, laughing and enjoying each others company.


Wow! What an awesome give-away. Thank you so much for your generosity:) Please enter me for a chance to win - I LOVE quilt books! One of my favorite 4th of July memories to recreate is when my parents used to decorate the neighborhood kid's bikes with crepe paper streamers woven through the spokes of our wheels - we all LOVED it! Then we'd attach a playing card to the fender so our bikes made what we imagined was a motorcycle sound as we pedaled around showing off our 'cool' bikes & trikes.
Smiles, DianeM

Deserae Fiedler

I love BBQs with my family for the 4th :)


I can almost taste the ribs, we are fans of Sweet Baby Rays sauce too. I came here for the quilting, but now I must shop and cook. Thanks!

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