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November 17, 2009


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Jo Anna

Wow! I really love this table topper. Thanks for the pattern!


I love little scraps pattern, I can hardly wait to add this topper to my collection, your so talented!!


I was just heading off to bed when I thought I'd check just in case you posted ........and you had. I love your little candlemat and will add that to my "to do" list. All of the projects that you all have offered are so nice!! Thanks for sharing!


Bravo! thank you very much


This is realy beautiful, thank you so much both for the pattern and a little about yourself :)

Quinta da Quilter

Love the candle mat . . . .am off to the sewing room as soon as I finish typing! Now where did I put the candles . . . .


Thank you for the great pattern for the table mat. I love the fact that this is a smaller project, a quicker possible gift idea. Thanks for sharing your talents.

amanda Ryan

We love to have candles all year round, but especially at Christmas, so this will be a lovely addition to our Christmas decorations.

PIa Skogman

Hi! I really like the pattern here..Now I´m going to my sewingroom and made it. Hopeful to be the happy winner. Hugs/pia


Hi Sherri
A follower from "downunder" in New Zealand,... it is late here 11.27pm on Tues 17 Nov (we are a day ahead of you all) so thought I would check the "Blog Hop" before I went to bed and there it was... another lovely Christmas design from all you great "Blog Hop" ladies...
Thanks so much.


Maria Isabel

Me encanta el patrón, quisiera realizarla para navidad, y participar de ese hermoso sorteo. Cariños

Diane M

Thank you so much for the candle mat pattern. It is so beautiful!


What a pretty candle made. It is the perfect size for my round dining table. Hope I can get one made as a present to me. This has been a great hop, and will be back to these blogs often. Thanks

Linda Mcneely

Ohhhhhhhhhh thank you sooo much! this little table topper will be just perfect for christmas! What a great idea" take care and have a Merry Christmas! Linda

Denyse Carvalho

Oi Sherri,
Muito bonito o projeto, como todas as suas obras.
Seria um sonho e um grande presente de Natal ser desenhado.

Kathryn Laposata

I love the table topper, just the size to be able to fit in before Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful one. What a generous giveaway!! Kathie L.


Love the candle mat It will definately make a great Christmas gift Thank you Sharon

Margi Borck

what a wonderful pattern, thank you so much! I love candles and having pretty candle mats to set them on make it all the better! Thank you again.


Darling candle mat! Thank you. Your patterns are great and so fun to do.


what a good little pattern. And thank you for calling it a candle holder/table topper. I have long wondered why people could possibly need a table topper that was small like that. Now I know one good use for it!


Thank you so much for the candle holder/table topper. I burn candles year round so plan to make many of them. Happy olidays to you. Sandi


Gonna make this sweet little mat today. I have a couple of your patterns already and I love your style. Thanks for sharing!!!!


Thanks for the lovely pattern! I'm going to print it out and start looking for fabric right away.
Lovely fabric you are giving away and the patterns look great too,
Lotta in Sweden


Yay I'm early today it's really worth it, please pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'd like to make all the wonderful projects u have. Yesterday I guessed your kids hehehe I wasn't wrong myself, I use to knit as well, isn't it pretty?. I adore the pattern for today thank you very muuuuuuuuuch :)

Michelle R

Love the pattern. Thanks for sharing.


Oooohhhh...thank you so much for the candle mat!! I cannot tell you how much I love your patterns. Have many of them, actually got another in the mail yesterday. Keep designing, and I will keep buying lol. I was so happy to see you in this hop.


I have always loved your patterns! Thanks for the freebee..... it will be put to good use.

Katie B

Thanks for the project!

Penny Fraley

I will try this for sure. Thanks for the pattern.


What a wonderful way to set off and featuare a candle. Thank you!


Thank you for the sweet pattern. Perfect for Xmas gift giving.

Sarah Vee

I really like your candle mat pattern and your giveaway prizes!:) Thanks for sharing about yourself and for being part of the hop again. I've enjoyed reading your stories.


Candle mats are becoming one of my favs to make-thanks so much for this adorable pattern.
I love your pattern line and have made several. Always easy and fun.

Pat  Sajovie

Beautiful candle mat pattern! This is definitely one I will be starting today! Thank you so much!

Sandy (Strlady)

All the projects have been wonderful and yours is no exception. I love stars and this topper fits the bill. Thanks!!

Piecefully, Pam

The Little Scraps candle mat is SEW cute! Thanks for sharing it with us. ; )


Cute candle mat - can't wait to make it.


I have enjoyed several of your patterns and am thrilled to have this little table mat to make now! Thanks for doing it for us!!! I'd LOVE to win your newest patterns, too.


What a beautiful pattern and simply gorgeous fabrics. Would love to add them to my stash! Tahnks for the gift og both, if I win!


I want to thank each of you for the wonderful projects. This has been such a fun blog hop. I enjoy reading about each of you and your stories. It has brought out all kinds of wonderful memories. But the best thing is the gift of Christmas spirit. I have the spirit early this year thanks to all of you!

K Brown

Love the pattern and your blog! Thank you for sharing about your interests and your family...it really helps to get to know you.


What a sweet candle mat pattern. Thanks so much! I'll enjoy putting a few of these together for holiday gifts.
Your scrap patterns are so creative and the new fabric line is lovely too. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.


Wonderful pattern! Thanks so much....


Sweet candle mat - thank you for sharing your talent.


ha! i nearly burned a hold thru my countertop leaving a candle unattended, this is a marvelous idea...and finally i could allow myself to burn a candle again for the holidays! thanks for sharing the pattern!


I'm always looking for patterns using charm squares -- the candle mat is gourgeous. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us!

Kathy J

This little project is great! I haven't run into many patterns for anything other than runners; this is such a nice change. Anxious to get a better look at your other designs ASAP!! Beautiful family picture, too!

Covered Porches

Printing out the darling pattern as I type. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Eileen Kane

Thanks so much for the candle mat pattern. I look forward to making this in the next few weeks!

Anne D

Thanks for the candlemat pattern. It is gorgeous. Thanks also for a great giveaway.


Cute project! Thanks for sharing it


Sherri, love the candle matte pattern, and I can see so many possibities!!! I adore your patterns, in fact had worked at a quilt shop and did several shop samples. I had started carrying the "Button Bag" as a purse and loved slipping it on my wrist while shopping, and I got tons of compliments on it. Well - it was a shop sample for the shop, and they gave me the pattern to use, I would love to make more, and now can't find the pattern - it was also made with a charm pack, and I did it from a Minick & Simpson line - ok, this is getting too long, but it was just sooo cute!!
Thanks for the great project today, and give away too - I see there are some pretty wonderful things there!!!! :)


it is gorgeous, I have make this! thank you very much!


thanks for the pattern! & the history on how you started designing!!



You've done it again. I have made several of your patterns and love them all. I can't wait to get started on this one. I just love it. Thank you sooo much.

Melody - The Demanding Doll

Well, who wouldn't like more fabric and patterns?

I know I would.

Thanks for sharing your project today.

Messy Karen

thanks for the cute pattern. love making scrappy things. and would love to play around with your patterns.


I just love the candle mat. It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us. I love your patterns. Thanks Again!!!


Thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern! Your bulldogs are adorable!!


Thank you for the pattern, I love it!


Thanks for sharing your pattern!


Great little pattern. Love this and I can't wait to make it.

Kelly Ann

Thanks for sharing your pattern...

Kelly O.

your children are beautiful! must take after their momma :)

Mary Grace McNamara

Great pattern for today! I love the shape and the design. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Glad to hear you are picking up knitting...love it when anyone takes up something I love!

You have a beautiful family :)



It's been so much fun "meeting" the designers behind the patterns we know and love. Thanks for a lovely project!


Wow! I can't wait to make this! I love the blog hop!


I love all the little projects you designers are giving us for Christmas. There is so much to pick from.


This one is definitely on my "to make" list...it's beautiful! Thanks for the pattern!


I know just the person to make this mat for (besides me!). I love your patterns and have made several. Merry Christmas!


Thanks for the great pattern. I was a knitter before I started quilting, so I understand how addicting both are!

Marty Mason

Love the table topper....thanks for this great pattern.

Carole Ann Clark

Thanks for this pattern, along with the place mats from yesterday I think I will make this for my neice, just setting up housekeeping.


Merry Christmas!
Thanks for sharing your great pattern. It's perfect for my Christmas fabric stash. I love using your patterns and I agree they are always fun, easy to do and quick to finish projects- perfect for me and many others.

Darlene B

Thanks for the great project. I own a couple of your Little Scraps patterns, and I love them! I'm trying to do more small decorative projects that can be given for gifts instead of just larger quilts. So I would love to win your patterns! dsb448@att.net

Amanda in KS

Thank you for the candle mat pattern! It is so pretty!

Carol T

That is so cute!! I'm thinking it would look really nice on our new table. Thanks.

Lynda Green

Sherri - What a great gift idea -- and as usual will turn into a gift for me!

Jill M in Ohio

I love the candle mat! And your patterns are written perfectly! I have made the Wagon Wheels quilt and everyone raves about it! It's one of my favorite quilts.

Thanks for participating in the blog hop!


Sherri, Thanks for sharing another GREAT pattern with us. I hope to get a few of these made for sunday school teachers and also school teachers. The blog hop has been wonderful!

jane from Minot ND

I love the pattern


The candle mat is really cute! Thanks for the pattern!

Marg McCulloch

thanks so much for the candle mat pattern. I am a quilt fanatic and a candle fanatic so this is definitely something I must do!


So sweet, Thank you! You are very talented.


Another hit - love your patterns


What a great idea! I love the way the star floats in the middle. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the project....

Brenda Veinotte

I am printing off the project now to go make for gifts. Thanks for sharing. I love your give away too.


I love the table topper! What a great Holiday decoration or gift! Can't wait to get started! Thanks!

Mary Jo Baird

Thank you for a great story of your decoating grandparents! I love the table mat pattern and thin I will make some for gifts! The pattern came just in time! Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Any pattern with stars is one of my favorites. This one will definitely go on my "to-do" list. Thanks for sharing.

Carol Lewis

I love your candle mat project, thanks, I'm going to make one. I also love your bulldogs, I have two boston terriers. I just bought two of your new patterns, Simplicity and Bird Watching. Can't wait to start the bird embroidery.

Penny Fraley

I can't wait to get to work on this. I've always wanted to try one of these. Thank you.


I love the candle mat. This time of year very practical, and can definatly up the wow of any candle gifts, which are so common it seems.


Love the shape ... and stars .. perfect match..thanks for sharing... Merry Christmas..:o)

cathy payne

what a cute pattern...i think i could actually get a couple done before x mas. Thank you so much for sharing. Of course I absolutely would be thrilled to win!!!!! Happy holidays!!! nurse payne

Erin Earl

I love this little pattern! I always enjoy cute and fast patterns! It makes me feel like I have accomplished so much in one day! Thanks again!!


Very cute table topper and I love the family pic! Thank you.


Thank you for the wonderful table topper! And boy - all those patterns and fabric for a giveaway - that would be a real treat!


I am so in love iwth all of the little projects that are being shared! Your candle mat/table topper is just lovely. Off to download that pattern right now!

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