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November 23, 2009


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Wow! I can't believe I'm the first to post. First of all, Happy Birthday to your daughter and thank you for the pattern. I wonder...does that random number generator thingy ever pick the first post? Congratulations to your daughter.

Karen  M

Happy Birthday Ashley! Children are a treasure. Hope your day is wonderful and lots of fun. Thanks for the great pattern Sherri and please enter me in your drawing.
Karen M

Margi Borck

Happy Happy Birthday Ashley! Now your true fun begins. I loved it when my daughter turned 16, it was a change in our relationship that started building the friendship and "adult" bond that we now share and she is 23.
And Sherri, what an awesome gift to give to us all in celebration! It's a new phase for you as well.


Happy Birthday to Ashley!
How generous of you to share a guift w/us for her birthday.


Happy Birthday Ashley! Hope you have many many more. I want to thank you for the pattern Sherri.
Love your work.


Happy Birthday Ashley! Great Prize!



Happy Birthday Ashley! The years fly by way too fast.

kolbrún Björnsdóttir

Happy Birthday to Ashley, our kid grow up way to quickly, don´t you agree?? happy thanksgivin


Thank you for the pattern! That just might be the gift for all the girls in the family. Have a very Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Mary Ellen Honan

I always thought the days were slow and the years went by fast. I even asked one of mine "Are you sure you're going to be 40, you just graduated college?" Ashley, have a great day, and Sherri, thank you for the pattern. The fabric is elegant.

Tricia T

Happy birthday! And thank you for the pattern!!


Hola, Sherri! Muchas Felicidades a Ashley!!! Que pase un maravilloso cumpleaños y que se cumplan todos sus deseos!!! También muchas gracias a tí por compartir el patrón y realizar el sorteo! Un fuerte abrazo!


Happy Birthday Ashley!

Yep, they grow up way too fast! My baby is in Graduate School -how did that happen?!?!?!

Thanks so much for the pattern - perfect Christmas gifts for my Bible study group!


What a cutie patootie... and fine young lady... MOst happiest of Birthdays to her.

Pat B

I have seen your daughter at your mom's quilt shop and she is gorgeous. You have every right to be very proud of her just like your mom is very proud of you.

Mmmmmm....is driving far behind? That takes motherhood to a whole new level.

call me crazy

Happy Birthday Ashley! How sweet of you to gift us for her b-day! :)


I completely understand how you feel about, "Where does the time go." A major topic of conversation at Bunko last week. I tried to stop in every moment and watch him closely, but still he's now 17 and shaves and I don't have any idea where the time went. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Birthday to your daughter and many more!!


Ciertamente, los adolescentes nos hacen vivir lindos momentos, es una etapa dificil tambien para ellos, pero claro que quisiera que mis hijos fueran niñitos otra vez. Feliz cumple a tu hija, dile que es una bella joven.

Moneik Stephens

I love the book pattern. I usually try to make it up as I go, but this will work great for my quilting pals X-mas gifts.


Great pattern! Can't wait to try it!


Happy birthday to your sweet girl. Thanks for sharing the pattern. And for the sweet giveaway too :-)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Happy Birthday Ashley. Thanks for the pattern Sherri!


Thanks so much for the pattern! And happy birthday to your daughter! I miss having babies around too sometimes! :0)


Thanks for the pattern. It's a great one.

Kim H

Hope your daughter has a great birthday. Thanks for the pattern and to win the kit would be great!


Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. May she be blessed with many more.

Sharon S

Happy Birthday Ashley! Celebrate every day like it's your birthday! Thanks for the pattern Sherri!

manuela branco

Happy Birthday to Ashley! And tanks a lot for the pattern, I think I will use it to make some christmas presents...


What a beautiful young lady. Sweet 16. Thank you for the pattern.

Christine Thomas

Happy Birthday, Ashley.
What a nice way to honor Ashley on her birthday by having a give-away. And I think you're right...we moms would love just one day to go back and hold our babies one more time. Now I'm getting teary.

Mary Ellen Boynton

Thanks for the pattern! Happy 16th!

Darlene B

How fun to celebrate these milestone birthdays with our kids! My youngest daughter just turned 21. Now that is a strange feeling - how could I be that old? Thanks for the pattern!

Gale Lavers

Happy sweet 16 to Ashley!! Thanks for sharing your pattern with us and showing the beautiful pictures of Ashley. I just need to get some journals so I can make up your pattern. Have a great day.


Ehem, ehem, (singing it loud) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ASHLEY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUU, shhhh now, hope she has a wonderful sweet 16!, she's really beautiful and she was a cute and adorable baby, God bless her and her family, thank you for the gifty for us! <3<3<3<3


Happy Birthday Ashley!

I remember when Maggie turned 16 this last year, fun and scary at the same time! Soon you will graduate and head off to college and we as parents wonder where the time went (had one that left for college in August).
Hope you are making memories on your special day!


Thanks for the pattern. And Happy Birthday to your daughter!! My Dad's birthday was yesterday too...84!! And he was born on his sister's 12th birthday and she's still with us too! I loved the Designer's hop and will enjoy keeping up with what's happening with all of you.

Sheila Carita

Happy Birthday Ashley!! Sweet 16! I hope you have a perfectly wonderful birthday!

Thank you for the pattern!



Your daughter is lovely! Happy Birthday Ashley! I really like your pattern, thanks.

Marie Sagers

Happy Birthday Ashley! And congratulations Mommy! It just keeps getting better, doesn't it?
Thank you so much for the pattern. I will be adding it to my 'Great Gift' list.

Mary Hickey

Happy Birthday Ashley. Thank you for the pattern. I hope I win the kit.


Ashley, Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day!

Sherri, thank you for the pattern, and for the opportunity to enter the drawing!


First, Happy Birthday to Ashley! Thanks so much for the lovely pattern. I had mentioned it would be great for my engaged daughter and I'll probably try to make it for her and her fiance and give them this year. That way next Christmas they'll be married and ready to start journaling.


Birthdays are really a celebration for children AND their parents. Hope Ashley's birthday wishes all come true! Thank you for the pattern... it is adorable and would make a lovely Christmas gift.


My baby girl is 26 and she was our present the year she was born on CHRISTMAS EVE! Enjoy your sweet sixteen and thank you for sharing your world with us.

Bonnie Nyquist

Sweet Sixteen! Happy Birthday Ashley!!! The pattern is such a surprise and so sweet of you,I love it,does Ashley sew? Have a great Thanksgiving! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline@aol.com


Happy birthday to Ashley. She is a beautiful young girl.
Thank you so much for the pattern,


Kathleen Brown

Happy birthday to you, Ashley! And may your family have a very happy Thanksgiving holiday together. The pattern is wonderful, Sherri. Thank you so much!


Hope your daughter had a great birthday! Trite but true, time does indeed fly!

Libby in TX

I hope Ashley had a wonderful day on your Birthday. The pattern is great. I have enough great projects to work on for the next year to be done by next Christmas. Another great project. Many thanks to all your hard work and sharing them with us. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Thank you I wanted so much to make a photo album cover. Great gift to give.

Jayne Honnold

Yaayyy for the birthday girl! Yayy for her mom who gives away cool prizes! My oldest is 27, and my youngest is 17, and we have a middle who is 24. Yes, to hold each of them again as a baby would be wonderful. Ahhh, I miss those baby days, but not enough to want to do it all over again!!

Brenda K.

Happy birthday to Ashley! My two girls have passed 16 and gone on to be 26 and 28, and I wouldn't trade a day of their lives for anything in the world. Enjoy every day with your daughter.

Thank you for the pattern!


Happy birthday for your daughter and for the parents too!
Thanks for the tutorial and for the chance to win.(I've never won when I wrote it.:( )

Jean Burke

Happy Sweet 16! My oldest just passed 14 - and proudly told me she can drive in two years! Aggghhhh! Hope she enjoys her special day. Thanks so much for the pattern for the Christmas journal - I can't wait to make it - bought my book over the weekend. Again - thanks for your generosity - and a Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family! Piece...


Happy Birthday, Ashley! And thank you Sherri for the gift of the great pattern and the chance to win a kit - i would just love that! I have made the gorgeous log cabin quilt Cabin Fever with Frosted Memories and hope to have it finished for Christmas!

Julie in WA

Please enter me in the drawing! I plan to make one of these eventually!


Congratulations Sherri and Ashley. I always figured that moms should be the ones recognized on birthdays -- after all, they did all of the work!! The babies just happened to come along for the ride. But a 16th birthday is really a milestone, so a really special Happy Birthday to you, Ashley.

Sherri, I can't believe that you posted the cover plans for a Christmas Memories book. That's similar to what I was planning on making for all of my grown female relatives (sisters, sisters-in-law, nieces) and friends. Hadn't worked out the details yet -- was thinking about something in a 4 x 6 memo size, since a regular notebook would be too big!! A composition book never occurred to me, which is odd because I personally love them and probably have a couple dozen around the house -- most of them with graph paper instead of lines. They are my idea books. I love the beginning of school sales for stocking up again! I can envision adapting your cover so that I can tell them apart -- this one is for long term ideas, this one for very specific drawings, this one for pictures, sketches, ideas that might develop into something along the way! The great thing about this pattern is that you've worked out all of the numbers! Your choices for fabrics and trims are really great -- I'd love to win a kit to make one just like yours. That one I'd keep for myself. Are you sure that you can't rig the drawing somehow so that my name pops up?

Have a great Thanksgiving with your family and know that this commenter really appreciates the work you 12 women have put into this Hop for us. It's not as though you all have nothing else to do -- I can imagine how hard you all work on your own patterns and to take the time to give us this special gift is truly appreciated -- probably even more than the projects you all designed for us! And those are really appreciated, believe me.

So, a very special thank you to you on this very special day for you and your daughter. I should say "very, very, very . . ." but I'm sure you understand.


Happy birthday to your lovely Ashley.
My daughter hasn't had her first birthday yet...
I love you book cover and picture and would love the kit.


Happy Birthday, Ashley! And thank you, Sherri, for another wonderful pattern!


Happy "Sweet 16" Ashley! What a beautiful young woman.


Happy late Birthday, Ashley what a cute baby, a perfect petite, little girl, my babies were 10 lbs & 22" Little 6 pounders stay babies longer. She quite a cutie at 16. Thank you for the pattern


Love the fabrics in the book cover. Happy birthday to your daughter. My oldest is only 12. I can't believe that let alone 16!

Chris G

Happy Sweet 16, Ashley! Hope your day is wonderful. Thanks for the cute notebook pattern. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday, Ashley. Thanks for the pattern. :)

Debbie Richards

Happy birthday Ashley. Thanks for sharing your day with us by giving us a gift too.


i'm in the uk and although i've heard of thanksgiving what on earth is black friday??!!
sorry for my ignorance!

Diane  Muska

Happy 16th birthday Ashley! What a beauty she is!

Thanks for the pattern as our birthday gift. It's great for a Christmas present.


Congratulations, Mom. And how they grow right before your eyes, and where has the time gone. Thank you for sharing the great pattern. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!

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