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November 15, 2009


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Margi Borck

I absolutely love this idea and hope to incorporate it into our holiday traditions as well!


Ok! That book was great. We have one for Thanksgiving in which we all write what we are thankful for....come to think of it I need to check to see if it is full! I will definitely use the Christmas one as well...thanks for sharing!

Jean Burke

Thanks so much for the Christmas Memories book idea - what a lovely way to remember each year! Hope to start that this year in our house....thanks again. Piece...


My daughter is getting married next year and I think I'll have to make them a special covered book for this. She loves journaling so this would be great. I hope you don't mind if I use your idea. It's lovely.


What a great idea - I have a scrapbook with just photos of Christmas, but I really like this idea too, maybe I could leave one page blank to add into the book - thanks!!


I love your idea. Nothing like heartfelt emotions anytime you need them.


That is a clever idea!


What a great idea!! One of the fun things that hubby and I do every year is to take a photo of the Christmas tree with its many gifts underneath before anyone is up so the kids can remember what it "all" looked like. It's fun over the years to see those photos.


I have a hard time resisting pretty journals. Yours is so pretty!


I love the idea of a book. I write a Christmas letter to myself and put it in my stock each year. The book would have been awesome when my kids still lived at home, though.


The notebook idea is wonderful!!! With my new grandbaby coming I think I'll make one for my daugher so she can use it for the baby as it grows up.

Linda Bennett

Great idea !! I am going to make one for my granddaughter, who has two toddlers. Great family tradition. Thanks for the idea.

call me crazy

What a great idea and I'll bet it is a lot of fun reading it and reminiscing!


Pero que genial idea, quizas pueda implementarla este año.Gracias por compartirla.


What a wonderful idea.


What a wonderful book, Sherri! I think I will have to do something similar - my kids are growing up way too fast and I find myself wishing more and more that I could slow down these years - they are so precious.

Jane McCarthy

I love this Christmas book idea and will start that tradition this year. What a nice wedding or shower gift this would make.Thanks for a great idea!

Donna Joy

OH I love your Christmas memory book. It would make a great gift. I could put my own Christmas traditions in to start the story. It would be wonderful to journal little kids comments on their Xmas gifts. It would make for great reading from year to year.

Sheila Carita

I LOVE your idea of a Christmas journal! It must be great to go back and read the older entries.

Thank you for sharing.


Jayne Honnold

As a retired English teacher, I love, love, love the idea of the book of Christmas memories! No time like the present to get busy making my own! Thanks for inspiring me!

Sheila Carita

OH, forgot to share my favorite decoration.

I love our tree topper.When we first got married we searched and searched for the "perfect" tree topper. Everything we looked at was either too gawdy, tacky or cheap looking. It was getting SO close to Christmas and we were running out of time so we decided to put a Santa hat on the tree "just for now".
Each year for the next couple of years we still looked for the "perfect" tree topper, until we realized we had it all along. THe santa hat!
This always makes for a good story when ever we have guests at Christmas!


Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas memories journal with us! I think I'll make one today!


I love the idea of a Christmas
journal. I decided it is never to late to start this. I love all the Christmas memories and projects and decorations. You gals are the best.

Julie in WA

What a fabulous idea! I think I will start that tradition here this year. My daughter is already 13, but it is never too late to journal memories!


Love this idea! What a great way to keep the spirit of Christmas!


I think I'm going to make a book for my daughter. It's not their first Christmas, but their first in a house. Somewhere I have one, but stopped it quite a few years ago. Thanks for reminding me of it!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Christmas memories is a great idea for every family at Christmas.


What a great idea! Thank you.

Darlene B

I love the Christmas memories book. My favorite decoration is the Nativity set from my parents. It reminds me of the real reason for Christmas. I think we need that when we get caught up in all the shopping, etc. of the holidays.


I really love the Christmas Memories book...I may try that starting this year. Our kids are adults, but they could write in it and of course all the grandkids...what a kick to read their script years from now!


What a beautiful tradition. I love the idea of writing about the special season.


What a great idea to have a Christmas memory book. Thank you.


My favorite ornament, mmmm? That's hard! I can't pick just one! (Not with BOXES & BOXES of ornaments!) But the homemade stockings I have made for my family are pretty important.

My husband's was the first, the prototype & thus the smallest. (Hard to find things to fit in it.) It was all made by hand & it's lots of little patches. Next was mine, still not done after 25 years. It is a lady's boot (Since growing up my mom had the boot & the rest of us had stockings!) I still need to finish sewing seed pearl beads on it. My son had a fun dragon appliqued on his. My daughter's has a tapesty angel appliqued on it. I was going to embellish it with floss for hair, etc but she loves it just the way it is. So those are pretty imporatnt to me & very loved!


The book it's a great idea, I never think in anything like that, you can treasure forever all the moments you're living. I love to put clear lights (not multicoloured lights) all over my house, it looks so cute as a magic castle!


The memory book is a wonderful idea.

Mary Ann Dove

I love Journal Covers but don't seem to keep them up. My favrite Christmas decoration is a wooden tree and every year my daughter gives me an ornament and I put a picture of the grandchildren at Christmas from that year in it. 14 ornaments and pictures so far.
Mary Ann Dove

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