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March 24, 2014


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Debbie Rogowski

you didnt' mention what we are making or a size. It appears to be small with the amount of fabrics. I may need to try this one :)

Lois Oberg

I've never used instagram. Clicked it on, but all there is is a log in - how do I sign up?? Not very computer literate!!!

Sherri Falls

Hi Debbie, Yes it's a small mystery..turn away now if you don't want to know...it's a cute table topper/candle mat. Quick and fun for spring.

Sherri Falls

Hi Lois,
Instagram is kind of like Facebook but just pictures. Really a quick fun way to see things without all the chatter. You do need to sign up but it's easy and I think you just need an email and password. Thanks!


Hay que inscribirse, porque me gustarĂ­a participar

Brunilda Pina-Noble

would like to register

Peggi Carrier

Hi, Just wondering if there is another step to the Monday Mystery 7. The last on I got was part 6. '
The new book looks great.

Anne Vaughan

Where do I find clues 1 and 2? I clicked on the link on your page and these clues are not there. Please advise

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