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October 17, 2011


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Colleen Barber

It's a little bit at a time, which is fine with me, although I'd tend to do a small or large table topper all at once...it's a mystery, tho, so we expect the small steps.

I love your patterns and have made several of them. I'm planning on doing the Wild West Shop Hop in November (10-12), as I want that pattern for the long runner or bed runner...beautiful!

As for a prize for those that do Sew and Tell....prizes are great!


It's apparently just right, because I'm still back on Week 3, hoping to catch up!


I think the pace is perfect. I like the idea of a prize drawing at the end of the project. I just hope I can figure out how to attach a pic from my hubby's camera. :)

Gale Lavers

The pace has been good, we do have to consider that lots of people who sew also work full-time, so this makes getting a project done more enjoyable. For those of us who want a faster pace, maybe we could make a second one as a gift. I am really enjoying this and a prize would always be a bonus. On to step 5 for me.

Kathy (QuiltMonkey)

I think the pace is just fine for a table topper. If it were a large quilt, more in each step would be better. I'm having a great time with this! My friend and I are doing it together. We sew together on Monday nights so the timing is perfect! A prize would be great - more motivation to do each step as they come out. Thanks for having this mystery!!

Colleen Barber

How do we post a picture...send you a pic in an e-mail?


I would love to see everyone's project! I am finding the pace comfortable. One tiny step is very manageable during the work week.

Cathy B

I am really enjoying the Mystery. I always have so many projects going at one time that this works for me. Love your patterns. Can't wait to see what fabrics everyone is using for the mystery. Hugs


I love it just the way it is...I can get the Monday clue done and am anxiously awaiting the next week (okay, that being said I did the first four clues last week and yesterday finished this week's clue). Now that I am all caught up this pace is wonderful! :) I do work full time and have lots of other projects going so this is perfect for me! :) Thanks for doing it, I'm really enjoying it, and you've made me look forward to Mondays!


I really have enjoyed the mystery the pace is good small steps at a time.A prize would be great!

Gale Lavers

This is sure looking good with step five done. Can't wait to see the final project. Bring on Monday!!!!


I caught up! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Thanks so much for sharing this mystery.

Gale Lavers

Yay tomorrow is Monday and clue #6 will be here, Can't wait.

Roslyn Chapella

The pace is perfect. I like the idea of a prize drawing at the end. Finished step 5 tonight and looking forward to the next step.

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