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September 12, 2011


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Cathy B

I plan on following. Sounds like fun. Hugs

Mary W

Can't wait until this comes out. So looking forward to it.


Sounds like fun, Sherri. I plan on following.

Vickie E

oh I wonder what this will be...I'm in...


Depending on the project, I may be enticed to join in the fun! will definitely spread the word.


Great idea....sounds fun!!

Billie K

Count me in!

Bonnie Nyquist

I'm in too!
Can't wait to get going on it!


This sounds like fun!
I'm in.

Goreti Rodrigues

The project is accessible? I'd like to participate, it is easy.

Ada Shave

I think I will try it.

Gale Lavers

I am planning to participate and I have already let my guild ladies know about this. Hope lot so people join in, can't wait for next monday.


I'll be there!! Thanks for the invite!!

Sorcha girl

I love a mystery--I'll join in.


Thanks for the heads up Gale. I never though I would look forward to a Monday :)

Kathy Cram

I plan on following. sounds like fun.!!!


Count me in, it definitely sounds like fun! :)

Laurie B

I think I may want to join in also. I've put a "ban" on more projects, but if I can use my stash...........well, why not! Sounds like it will be my speed so I will try! Will put your button on my blog and chat about it today.


sounds like fun!!!...I'd like to join in....gives me an excuse to cut into all those gorgeous fabrics I've bought for "a rainy day"!!! LOL

sugary hugs
WendyB :O)


Sounds fun! count me in.

Debra Kramer

I would love to participate. Thanks!


Sounds like a fun thing to do!!!

Laurie Crawford

Sounds like a fun idea! I'm in!

ayyla jarvela

I can't wait....

Cathy Eystad

I am in!! I think it is a fun idea especially since we can use our own stash. Thanks


Count me in! This sounds like fun! Thank you


I'm so glad a friend shared this with me. Can't wait.


Sounds great I'm in.


I love a good mystery. Can't wait to see what you cook up!

Jennifer Brooks

Sounds like fun! Can't wait!

Jeanette Reed

I am in - - - Tell me more :)


I'm in! Why not start another project!

Judith A

Stash use, wow! What fun, thanks for the invite, I would love to participate, at least give it a hardy try, especially smaller projects, thank you for your efforts.


Me gustó tu idea. Te seguiré. Gracias,

Bonnie Carlson

Sounds like fun!

Jessie Gaskin

Count me in. Sounds like fun.

Marie Pearson

I love surprises!

Devonne Profitt

I'll try to find time to do this if I can finish a project by then. Need to put a sticky note on my forehead, lol!

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