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November 19, 2010


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Leslie Schmidt

Oh my goodness gracious! These sound too good. I may not share them! Thanks, Sherri.

Bobbi Delsing

Now this will be a treat!!and look so pretty. Thanks.


I know someone who will "die" for those! Thanks so much for the recipe!

madame samm

Hello Sherri, good morning, something nice and sweet for breakfast, well thank you...it has been a delightful tour...thanks for the recipes..


How fun a Christmas Parade! Mint is my favorite! These look yummy!!! Thanks for sharing!


What a magical parade! And the "head warmer" hats look like so much fun!

Sandy E

Minty plus melt in your mouth good.
You must be the best cook around.
I'm having the best fun.

Donna A

My mother in law made lots and lots of candy for Christmas every year. She worked for weeks and had containers of candy all over the coolest place in the house. The neighbors and friends from all over got candy at Christmas time. She was a very giving woman that grew up during the depression and learned to share what she had at Christmas and all the year through.


This recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing it with us. This Blog Hop has been great fun!


What a beautiful parade! Thanks for sharing your photos. That recipe HAS to be a winnter...chocolate AND mint! Two of my favorite flavors!


Day 5! Beautiful pictures!
We bundle up for a Lighting Ceremony each year with a parade too!

Darlene B

I love chocolate and mint. My counter is filling up with all the recipes I've downloaded. I'd better go buy more sugar....


Can't wait to try this recipe. My son loves mint.

Deb Carlson

Cannot wait to make this mint candy!! Many Christmas Blessings to you and yours!! Deb

Mary Ann

Love mint! I have a pile of new things to try!


Love the theme of "Traditions" today on the blog hop. That's what the holidays are all about -- memories of the past and the creation of new memories.
The layered mints are gorgeous and sound yummy!

Melissa Corry

Wow, that parade looks like a blast!!

Pat Dillard

I love the Holidazzle parade too. Thanks for all your work!!!


Great recipe with a beautiful outcome. I hope mine look as pretty as yours :)

Mary Jo

I know lots of people that will be begging for me to make this candy for them! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe with us!!!


Looks like I have something to do today too....I made the snicker cookies last night for a friend's family. Need to go get more snickers to finish the double batch!!!

Deb E

Love a holiday parade Thank You for the recipes

Mary W

I have loved the hop. New recipes and great new projects to try. Thank you so much.

Judy S.

Chocolate & mint, two of my favorites. Thanks for the recipe. Always wanted to see the parade but have not gotten there yet. I am really enjoying all the recipes and ideas from the hop. Judy S.

Kathleen B

Woohoo! Two...count them, TWO grand prizes! Yippee! Pick me! ~Kathleen


I guess I'm not a cold weather person - don't think I could sit thru a parade no matter how much hot cocoa I had (with a little snapps in it) in my thermos. {grins} This layered mint candy sounds divine. Will definetly try them. Thanks so much for sharing. Read you tomorrow on the last day of toeing. HUGS... and stitches

Suzanne Nelson

The pictures from the parade are great. You can see everyone is having a grand time!!


I can't believe there's only one day left. Thanks for all the fun.

Pat B from MN

Thanks for the candy recipe. I have never made it to the Holidazzle parade, I am the only one in my family willing to go. I am glad it is a tradition for your family


Those mints look amazing!

Karen Scheitlin

Parades, lights, Santa and Candy it doesn't get any better than this. Thank you for sharing!

Ann in NC

The mints sound wonderful!!!


Thanks for these pictures, great!!!! And the recipe....;again so good. See you tomorrow.


I love mints and there is something about them that make them perfect for the holidays. These are beautiful and look yummy too. Thanks very much for the recipe. I'm having great fun in this baking parade of delightful blogs.



Those mint candies look so good!!!

Cindi C

See the photos that you posted of the kids all bundled up reminds me of the Christmases we had as a child. Thanks for stirring my memory.

Kathy O

Heated lighted hats what fun. Love the parade pictures. We have an annual festival of lights parade here in Illinois every year. It is packed.

Kathy H

these mint candies look delicious. Thanks for the recipe. I especially like mint cookies and candies at Christmas.


I think I might make these and eat them all myself!

Cindy in TN

Yum. Thanks for the recipe!


Ooooo.....these sound good!


As I'm reading your recipe, I'm trying to imagine what they taste like....like an Andes mint? LOVE those, so I'll have to try yours. Ingredients are on my shopping list (or they will be after I stop typing). Thanks!


This recipe makes a pretty candy.


Thanks for the contest. And 2 prizes. How super is that? Have a blessed thanksgiving holiday.

Lynn M

What's not to LOVE about chocolate & mint? Thanks for the recipe.

Lesa Piluso

I can't wait to try this recipe. I made the macaroons the other night. They only lasted 2 days. I guess I'll be making more very soon.
Thanks for sharing your stories.

Diane Pruitt

I'm sure these are low in calories... :)


MmmmM! I love chocolate and mint.


Oh those treats look so good! Thanks for all the recipes. This blog has been great fun!

Sandie Emig

wow! I love special Christmas candy - I'll be sure to make these! The parade pics look SO COOL! I think I'd even brave the cold for something like that!!

Barb Colvin

Those treats look so yummy! Here in Spokane there is a house near Corbin Park that has it's own special treat. We can tune our radios to a certain 'station' and listen to Christmas music while watching a light show. The display is wonderful.

Janet S

they look so festive. What a great candy.

Sharon S

Thank you for the recipes. They look great. I love your patterns.

Mrs. DillyDally

OMGosh! That parade looks like sooo much fun! Someday I'm going to do that while spending the holidays with my daughter! The candy looks delicious! Thanks!

Stephanie M

The mint candies sound yummy. Thanks!!


Wish I could see your Christmas parade. It looks wonderful. And so do the mints. Thank you for the double giveaway.


you should have heard our two year old grandson's squeals of delight last year at the holidazzle parade......I'm smiling:)!!!!! how generous....two grand prizes...what fun!!!!


WOW! That parade looks like soo much fun! I love the hats and I'm sure I'd agree with your son :) lol Thank you so much to you and all of the blog writers for this excellent hop! It's been fun to read each post and pick up some awesome recipes!!


I loved the pictures of the parade watchers! Thank you for the candy recipe.


Not only doesLayered Mint Candy look pretty, I'm sure they are delicious!! I'm going to have to try these this year! The Holidazzle parade looks like so much fun!! Can you believe I've lived in MN all my life, and even in the cities until I was 12, and I have never been to the Holidazzle Parade?? Hard to imagine!

Kathy J

What fun and a great memory going to the parade!

Alice M

Great recipe and the parade looks like alot of fun


I could have sworn I left a comment, but can't find it, so here goes again! Love all the traditions of Xmas. Thanks for the Andes recipe!

Joan Kruse

Love your recipe and I also love the Holidazzle parade!

Diane Pickthall

Mmmm love the candy recipe. And, the parade with family reminds me of when my boys were little and we did that kind of thing. Swet memories.


Thanks for the recipe.


Chocolate and mint; what better combination is there?

Sharon W

Please tell me there are no calories in these. I absolutely love mint and chocolate. Thanks for the recipe. I would love to see the Holidazzle parade some time.

Carol in E TN

I must try this chocolate mint recipe!


Love mint so will try the recipe. Thanks for this Hop with all the yummy recipes and projects. Does not get better than this. :)


Another yummy recipe!! YUMMO!! Thanks for this hop! It's really gotten me ready for the Christmas season! Polly

Lavender Dreams

I added you to my blog list of favorites! I have loved every day of your posts! ♥

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