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November 14, 2009


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Margi Borck

Although I've never been to the Mall of America my daughter says it is the "best place in the world"! She always tries to get her flights out to Iowa or Hawaii through Minneapolis so she can schedule a layover to go to the Mall! Our only stead fast tradition is Christmas Eve dinner, it is always here with me. Christmas Day is for the rest of the family and others families.


Our tradition is driving around on Christmas Eve after dinner to see all the lights.


Only did the Black Friday a few times. It wasn't what I would call... fun.


woo-hoo! I love to shop the day after Thanksgiving. I always scour the ads on Thanksgiving day to check out the sales! I used to drag my daughter with me, but she's on her own hunt now :-)


I LOVE "Cyber Monday" shopping. get a list ready to start googling for the best prices, especially where I won't have to pay sales tax or shipping fees.

But - it's not like I need too many things because I shop throughout the year for gifts. The kids have always liked that because "at the end" I always find myself back shopping for more. LOL

Even the grandkids now know that Mimi's closest is "off limits"..always. Ty, when he was 4, asked me - "Mimi, what cha got in yur closet fur me today?". LOL - they learn early.


My sister and I have shopped "black Friday" the past few years together. Sometimes we're joined by my daughters. I have lots of grandchildren and my sister doesn't (yet) and she loves helping me shop my list!!


I'm not much of a shopper and since the kids are adults now, they get cash and a small gift. Everyone's happy:)
My favorite tradition from my childhood was the homemade candy! My mom was famous for her candy and I've tried to continue in her footsteps.


When my daughter was smaller and my parents lived in another state and we probably weren't going to be visiting them, we would always go shopping the day after Thanksgiving for their presents because we had to send them through the mail. Always a fun time. But then Christmas is always fun with children, no matter what their age.


My birthday is on Thanksgiving day this year... every year at Thanksgiving we always had the Christmas tree up. The sooner the better. We had this joke that all the guys had a contest to see who could be the first to have the tree up.


That has to be the biggest mall I've ever been in. And it took me 13 hours to get there. I try to avoid shopping on Black Friday and since I'm Canadian we don't have such a day here. I've been shopping in Michigan on Black Friday and I won't ever go again. Too many people. Unles you have specifics to buy I'd rather work. Don't tell my boss that! But when I see something that is advertised that I want,I get my sister who lives in Northern MI to pick it up. She says that it's not all that crowded up there.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I can't imagine shopping at the Mall of America the day after Thanksgiving. But since I've never been there on that day, I can't argue with your logic! Have fun - I'll be on the beach in Charleston!


Have done the Black Friday thing with my daughters, but don't enjoy the crowds anymore. Have fun.


One of my favorite traditions when my boys were little, was to go in to San Francisco for the day and watch the tree lighting in Union Square!

Julie in WA

I have never gone shopping on Black Friday! I don't care much for crowds. But I loved working in the bookstore on that day! We'd have full staff, so there was time to wrap books for customers.


I don't even go to our much smaller mall but I have lots of friends who adore the Mall of America.


Nooo compras o centros con mucha gente, no adoro definitivamente la paz en el hogar. Si salimos todos los vecinos a la calle desearnos una Feliz Navidad y compartir un trago.


We always put the tree up Monday after thanksgiving for family home evening. The families and grandkids that live close all come over.


I can handle Black Friday only every other year. But I still enjoy it!


One of christmas traditions? we eat tamales, during the dinner, you can eat tham all year long, but they're from christmas mostly, also we eat queque de Navidad (christmas cake)m, it's soooooooooo yummy!

Sue Goodin

Watching Miracle on 34th Street, white Christmas, Holiday Inn, It's a Wonderful Life and a few others.

Jayne Honnold

I stay as far away as possible from anything remotely resembling shopping on Black Friday. I hope that will be the case this year, too. But you can have fun for me, ok?


I am not a morning person, but one year a good friend was sad because her Black Friday partner had moved & she had no one to go with. So I said I'd go but 9 or 10 was earliest. Well, over the years, I kept getting up earlier & earlier just because it meant so much to her. I think I managed to do 5:30 one year. It was fun going out with her, we were always done by noon & I never needed to get anything so it wasn't stressful for me!

Grandma Shell

We always said we were going to save our Christmas money and all go to the Mall, split up and buy our own Christmas gift(s) at the great sales. We've never done that. By the time the kids were old enough to let loose on their own they all despised the packed crowds. (Mom too!) Now for Christmas we buy for the younger generation only, The family has grown so much.

I always made the family listen to me read The Other Wiseman, think it's by O, Henry, not sure. And then we have Grape Dumplings. That' was our Christmas Eve Tradition.

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