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November 16, 2009


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Margi Borck

Love little ones for the holidays, just so refreshing!


Actually, at 52 years old, this will be my first Christmas without both of my parents. I've always been with them, either at their house or mine. I'll miss them terribly, but know they'll be here in spirit.

Jayne Honnold

My first was spent with my new husband (and current!) in a mobile home just south of Columbus, OH. We probably drove to either his parents or mine. We were sorta' in the middle of the two, and they were in totally opposite directions from us! That was 1979! PS: I just began following you on Twitter as FabricOverload!


This blog hop is a great idea! I'm getting to know all of you. Our first Xmas on our own was so long ago I can't remember much. I do know I was new mom. Now my son is 44!


My birthday is on Thanksgiving day this year. It is hard to be the one born at the holidays hope your daughter doesn't mind too much.I only remember one or two birthday cakes the rest were pumpkin pies... :)


And look at your hair - I think our hair styles always can tell what era we're in....LOL Got to love it.

Who doesn't love a homemade sweater, especially those little ones for babies?


My first Christmas away from home was the year I got married. We had no furniture in our living room, but we set up a live Christmas tree and sat on the carpet to open presents. We'd only been married a few months, so we did not have any kind of traditions yet. This will be our 36th Christmas together :-)


I'm still waiting for my first Christmas, I suspect my SO will need to give me a ring first lol!!!

But this year will be special because SO's sister had a baby in September and she's the first grandbaby/niece and it'll just be fun to have a youngster around for Christmas


Ack you guys are killing me with the cuteness. Frankie was born in Nov. also, 1987.. but that first Christmas was fun. I must have a thousand pictures. You guys are so stinken young.

Linda P

My first Christmas between being at home and married was at college, what a culture shock! There were so many different traditions that were fun to learn about.
Having a house full of roudy kids is the way it should be.
Linda P in IL

Julie in WA

It was very hard for me to be away from my family at Christmas when I was single. One year I could not go home, so I spent Christmas day locked up at work, working on a huge project that would never had gotten done. I was happy to have accomplished something important instead of fighting tears with a bunch of friends.

Penny Fraley

Our daughter was born in early December. I remember that I felt I had to have everything done for Christmas before she was born..but of course it wasn't. Having an infant in the family at Christmas time is very special.

Mary Lynn

Isn't it interestingthat Grandma's seem to always play a huge role in our memories of Christmas!


conmovedora historia, que hermoso la bendicion de un bebe en navidad.
Solos pasamos la primera navidad de nuestra vida de casados, en una ciudad llamada Neuquen a la que habiamos llegado en marzo,Viviamos en un hotel pero armamos nuestro arbolitito igual, se cayo con el viento pero lo reparamos. Fuimos a misa y luego volvimos a casa, parecia raro sin nuestras respectivas familias,no triste pero si extra├▒o


I love looking at family pictures. It's always so heart warming. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for sharing your memories. This has been a great blog hop.


I've been with one or both of my parents every year since I was born....I'm sure the day will come...ah but let's not get unhappy! Since my children were born there have been many traditions started and stopped based on who lived where. But one thing remains constant...it's about family. Hope yours is a happy one!


I have to agree, Ashley is very much a cutie, and special gift for Christmas!! I've really been enjoying the stories!!

Mary Ellen Boynton

My mom's birthday was on Christmas day, so we always opened presents on Christmas Eve and had her birthday on Christmas day. We still do that to this day.


How sweet! Your blog is so interesting!


I really love the tradition of the handmade sweaters! Thank you for sharing.


I love the little sweater. Only yesterday, I was doing some cleaning of dresser drawers and came across the little mint green sweater set that my mom made for my daughter/her first grandchild who is a mere 39 years old. Still just as cute as can be - daughter and sweater set. Sorry, I'm the mom and, of course, I would say that. I am looking forward to tomorrow to see what your project will be. Just bought one of your bag patterns last Friday to send with a get well card to a friend in Delaware. They are perfect little gift items!


My first christmas alone when I lived in the USA by my own, it was weird but I had a lot of fun because I was living fun and new exciting things, I know my parents were missing me


Looking forward for your project tommorrow hope to be the arly bird as well :P

Bonnie Nyquist

What a wonderful story,and that sweater! Loving families at Christmas ar the best gift! Loving this Blog Hop!

Mary Jo Larson

I too had a baby a month before Christmas and it was so much fun. Then I had a baby a week before Chrismas and that was even better. thanks for all the great stories and patterns. Mary Jo


I have lots of first Christmas memories - first one away from home (Australia) was in Wales (UK) and was my first winter Christmas! Then my first Christmas with my son (he was almost one year old) which was just so special, first Christmas in this house with lots of handmade decorations, first Christmas without my son (he's 27 and lives a long way away), and this Christmas will be my first without my beloved cat (he passed away in May aged 20 years).
Love your project, thanks for sharing.


a day late, but my first chrimtas with my husband was our first christmas with a baby, and we moved out of or apartment two or three weeks before and into one that didn't have registeed violent offenders living in the same building. (we were out less than a month after I figured that one out!) I wish we had spent the christmas I was pregnant together, but I wanted to go home to mom and dad and make some money instead of hanging around town with no friends in an apartment I just moved into durring the Christmas break.

Carol Sc

Looking at the picture of your first Christmas with your baby, brought back such memories. Our first was born on Dec. 10th. --- couldn't have asked for a better gift --- and she will be 41 this year. I love the picture of all the kids --- we take one every year --- it's so much fun to see the changes. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Shelly W

My husband and I spend our first Christmas together with my family who always go big with food presents and friends. For me it was just like every other merry year however, for my husband, Christmas was never a happy time because his parents were divorced and well, .. long story there. Anyways, he said it was the very best Christmas he ever had which made it mine too!


Last year was our first Christmas with our baby, a girl too! She was a lot of fun. This year I think she will have more fun since she loves to rip paper.


It is so nice to have a house full of little people during the holidays. Such a magical time for them and it's fun to watch the delight and awe on their faces.


Thanks for Christmas Blessing mat; it is gorgeous. Great family.
Nancy in IN

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