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November 20, 2009


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I have looked forward to reading these Christmas blogs. Thanks for the great time.

Linda H

Great hop. Thanks for everything.


Thanks for the hop it has been a ton of fun. I will miss you all tomorrow.


This has been so much fun. I'm going to miss visiting with you gals every morning. Every year we made a peppermint candy tree. I used to use them as table centerpieces when I would coordinate a ladies Christmas luncheon, and now they have become a favorite tradition. They make great gifts too :-) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


This has been a lot of fun. I appreciate you ladies doing this and the thought and time that went into it. It's wonderful for those of us that can't do a driving shop hop because of time or just whatever reason. Thank you.


Love the gingerbread house story - here's mine - One year my son was away from home at Christmas time and I made him a rather LARGE gingerbread house - and shipped it to him fully decorated so he could have a 'little bit of home' for his holidays - when I called to ask him if he had rec'd it yet he said "oh yeah, it came - and it was delicious!" He had eaten the entire gingerbread house in one sitting!!!!


I have enjoyed getting to know you through this hop!
Thank you so much for sharing your photos, stories and talent!

Cindy C.

After reading two of your blogs about Gingerbread houses, I realize I've never done one - never been around them, never even had a desire to make one....that may now be changed! I don't want to deprive of my grandkids of this fun experience.

My favorite yearly craft is homemade ornaments...each and every kind that one can make.

And, remember the wreaths you made out of green construction paper? All you have to do is fold the construction paper and then cut "slits" and then staple.

Wow - more memories you ladies have brought back to me ....thank you.


Love the little gingerbread cottages! Thanks for all your hard work. This has been so fun!


Oh, what will I do for my first cup of coffee time now? Surely you can start a Valentine's blog hop or something!

What fun this was for all of us.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Margi Borck

I love gingerbread houses! Too fun and woo hoo, will be here on the 23rd to see what you have. Thanks so much for a great hop, it was a great time.

Jean Burke

Sherri - thank you so much for all the wonderful posts and ideas. I've already gotten a journal and was going to try to figure out how to do the cover - and now you're going to give us the pattern - thanks so much!!! What a great tradition. I always loved making the paper chains - and putting them on the tree or the bannister. Thanks again for all the great ideas and inspiration. Wishing your and your family a wonderful Christmas season. Piece...


love the hop! thanks for the fun stories!


Thank you for sharing all of your traditions and memories with all of us hoppers! It has been a hoot reading them.


Gracias por todos estos doce dias de compartir, hasta pronto


I make 'Gingerbread Houses" with my ESL students out of graham crackers and frosting. They come out cute!
Thanks for all of your time during this blog hop!

Kay Derner

The gingerbread house is great. Also the picture of the"kids". Can't believe Ashley will be 16 on 23rd.


Thanks for such a fun week. I told my daughter about the memory book and she would love to start that since she's getting married this year. I'm looking forward to Tuesday's pattern.


While reading and checking out your blog my 4 year old granddaughter walked into the room. "WOW, I want to make that!" when she saw the gingerbread house at the top of today's posting. So thanks for sharing.
From a couple of adoring fans in Upstate NY.
McKenna and Jane


I have tried the gingerbread houses, but mine never seemed to come out right, guess it was the frosting/glue, I did wrong. My daughter does one every year with the girls,and some years have been better than others...... Thanks Sherri, for helping to make this blog hop so much fun. You all have put a lot of work into making this so entertaining!! Hugs!!


i _just_ bought the gingerbread village this year too! i have 3 kids and we're inviting some friends with 2 kids over for dinner next week--so each child can have their own to decorate :-)


Your gingerbread houses look awesome, I'd like to make some for me!, but I only can make ginger cookies :S, Happy early birthday to Ashley, her sweet sixteen, are you going to make a party for her? :)


Thank you for sharing in the blog hop. This has really been a lot of fun.

Julie in WA

We do a gingerbread house every year, too. Up to this point, I always pick one up at Costco. But today I went with one from Joann's, and do you know, it is a Wilton! Ours does not last even two days before the husband and daughter start to pick pieces off and eat it.


I don't make gingerbread houses, but sister in law is the queen of gingerbread,My job is to watch admire. I have enjoyed the blogging. Happy birthday Ashley 16 is so fun

Leslie Schmidt

Your gingerbread houses look great. It's nice to be able to do something with the kids like that. They will remember it for years. Thanks for your kindness and generosity.


Thank you so much for this blog hop. I have enjoyed it so much!


Your Gingerbread House reminds me of the Christmas that my 11 yr old wanted to make gifts for her friends. She labored all day on 3 houses and they were beautiful. In the AM - they had all collapsed!

Nancy H

Thank you so much for your pattern for the Christmas memories pattern.

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