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November 19, 2009


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This is beautiful!

Margi Borck

All of your quilts are beautiful as well as your racks and storage cabinet!


I think Frosted Memories is lovely. I like the softness of the colors too. They're all beautiful though. I'm fairly new to quilting so I only have a few quilts in my home. I'll get there one day.

Carrie P.

Your quilts are lovely. I like to deocorate all year with my different quilts too

Jayne Honnold

I have a quilt cupboard very similar to yours, and mine is packed full as well. Thanks for sharing the great quilt pics!

Darlene B

My favorite christmas quilt is the one I'm just about finished with - it's an applique pattern with a Nativity scene on it. I can't wait to put it up! (I missed getting it done last year by about 2 days, then set it aside....)! dsb448@att.net


Frosted Memories is really pretty... I have been wanting to do a very subtle quilt like that for a while.


I love to see quilts used for decorating during the holidays and all through the year!

call me crazy

Frosted Memories is beautiful! I love the ways you've displayed your quilts!

Mary Ellen Honan

FYI Your Treasure Box pattern is highlighted on the Missouri Star Quilt Co. site. Enjoyed your display of quilts on the ladder and the pie safe.


My favorite Christmas quilt is a BOM Santa quilt that I started in 1998 and finished in 2008. Guess you could call it a block a year quilt!!!


Love your quilt cupboard. That is filled with such gorgeousness. Wow. You are such an amazing bunch of talented designers. Impressive. (depressing, but impressive!)

Bonnie Nyquist

Sherri,you have so many quilts!!!They are so eautiful! I give most of mine away to family,maybe I need to make some for myself! This is so great getting to know the designers,such talent! Love this Blog Hop!


Your quilts are gorgeous! I love the cabinet full of quilts, so cute!


Wow that's a lot of quilts! And they're beautiful.
I've been enjoying this Christmas Blog Hop SO so much!!! Thanks for doing it!


Oh, I LOVE Frosted Memories! So much calmer than the usual holiday colors.

Julie in WA

I wish I knew the origins of the first little picture with the holly leaves. I want to see more of that one! The Frosted Memories is gorgeous!


Love your quilts.


De sus edredones, no puedo, elegir uno para decir Cual es mas bonito, amo a cada uno.
Cosiendo.gracias De los mios el que estoy


Wow! That creamy quilt is beautiful.

Debbie  St.Germain

Love the quilts on the ladder. Wish I had more quilts to add to mine, but that is my goal this year.



I love the colors of your quilts, they look great, I have only 3 quilts made by myself, and appliqued angel with log cabin, and two table runner, but wait, the big one is coming up next, I hope so, it measures 60" X 60", it's all appliqued


I have made Christmas Treet Skirts for so many people but I still prefer draping a quilt around the trunk of my tree. I use one of my first quilts that has a red plaid flannel border. My favorite!

Cindy C.

Holly Taylor's Frosted Memories is wonderful. I bought a layer cake and a jelly roll of it this year. And to think you got a peak at next Christmas's line - you lucky girl.

LOL, maybe that's why I love quilting - you get "Christmas in July" and get to think "Christmas" earlier than others.

Christmas music plays pretty much year round in my sewing room.

Not only do I love Christmas quilts - I love making Christmas vests, ornaments, placemats and just about anything associated with Christmas. Maybe it's because I'm a December Baby.

Christine Thomas

I don't have a Christmas themed quilt but what I do treasure from Christmas is a charm quilt-let my Mom made. She made two a loooong time ago and had one out in her kitchen all the time. I ALWAYS played with that (as an adult). Then one Christmas years later, I got the 2nd one. I LOVE it!!!


I need to get busy and finish a Christmas quilt so I can at least have one to decorate with. Love yours.

Leslie Schmidt

Frosted Memories is a very ethereal quilt. I just got the book in September and would like to do that one.

Sheila Carita

I LOVE to use flannel on the backs of my quilts too!

It just adds to the cozy-ness factor :)

Thanks for sharing your stories!



I like that you like to use flannel on the back, especially for the winter quilts - I do too - or use a brushed cotton. It seems more cozy when you really need to warm up fast. Thanks, I've enjoyed reading the blogs so much and you can be sure, I'll be a regular to yours!


My fav and only Christmas quilt is my Turning Twenty.

Busy Little Quilter

Your Christmas quilts are beautiful. I have a lot of Christmas quilts, too!

I guess my favorite one that I made is a queen sized jewel box. I made it from my large collection on Christmas fabrics.


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Your cream and caramel and flannel quilt is delicious. It's funny how the simplest things are often the most beautiful.

Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with us.

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